Breaking Black

Breaking Black

Hillary was the founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 company that she had built from the ground up. She was very powerful indeed. But beneath the facade of being having everything she wanted, there lurked deep, dark desires. To go to seedy places and be taken by rough characters. To submit completely to their will. To be used. Downgrading her wardrobe and leaving behind most of the luxuries of modern society — cell phone, credit cards, and the like — she boards the first bus across country that she can find.

DeShawn was a young black man of the streets. An aspiring musician and part-time drug dealer. He had a fetish, too. He liked to expose himself in public places, record it, and put it on his social media site. Riding the bus cross country to party with his crew, he’s working on his latest video when he spots Hillary watching him from behind. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he motions for her to come over.

Their worlds are about to clash head on, and things are about to heat up!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I was thinking about the sorts of things we do, strictly for the sake of appearances. What if it appeared that you had everything, but the one thing you didn’t, you obsessed over until you just couldn’t help yourself. And what if there was someone you met who — while seeming to help you with your fantasy fulfillment — really had their own agenda.


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Seducing My Big Twin Brothers

Seducing My Big Twin Bothers

The sequel to her brother/sister incest hit “Seducing My Big Brother”

She had been loving her older brother for a couple of weeks now. But it was harder, now that the twins were home, too. Worse, Joey had to go away for two weeks. What was she to do? Seduce them, too?


Of course!

MALAW HULE: While it is a follow-up to the events of the first one, they are both standalone tales. With Joey temporarily out of the picture (after some hot sex, of course), I liked the dynamic of having to deal with jerky twins. Who are also pretty hot!



Her husband, Chris, hadn’t been paying much attention to her lately, and now she’s discovered why. It seems he’s been spying on the black neighbor in the apartment directly across the street! She had found her husband’s binoculars, with a built-in camera and plenty of evidence.

Now she can’t stop watching late at night, while her husband is asleep. Watching as the man takes yet another, and begins wishing it was her.

Then there was the night her husband was working late. The strong, handsome man was alone, too. And he seemed to be putting a show on, just for her! It drove her crazy with sexual desire.


ANITA BLACKMANN: Not a whole lot to say on this one. I was trying to come up with a story for a different title that I had in my head, when this word popped in there instead. I liked it, so I tried to figure out a story to go with it. I’ve long wanted to do a story about big city voyeurism, so merging the theme with the word seemed like a cool thing to do.


My Wife Turned Me 3: Sister’s Dark Revelation

My Wife Turned Me 3 Sister's Dark Revelation

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Now that Chris has become Christina at his wife’s request, she begins to feel more and more like a woman every day. But she longs for things like real breasts…

Her wife-turned-sister still has a dark revelation for her, and Emma’s boss wants to pimp Christina out, in exchange for hormone treatments.

And that’s all before Christina shows up at the rich man’s house. A man with a minor bondage, and a major fisting fetish…


AMANDA MANN: My third go-around with Christina. We’ve already discovered she has a taste for the rougher, naughtier things. She’s also beginning to desire a more feminine body to go with her mindset. And then there’s her “sister’s” boss. So much going on.

I had been getting a lot of heat from other distributors, so I wrote the story as I always do, and that’s what’s on Smashwords (and anywhere you see “sister”). I changed about half of the familial references and other minor bits for Amazon. I changed the other half for just about anywhere else. No one is family. No one is underage, but these A******’s keep treating my stories as if they are. Tired of getting banned over sexual fantasies. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons we like Smashwords so much.

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Black Owned Couple, Books 4-6: White Wife’s Submission

BOC bundle 2.2

The second bundle of three books in Syndy Light’s sexually charged saga of an average, suburban white couple that falls under the will of their black neighbor. Now that husband Dewey has submitted to his Master, he is introduced to his Mistress, and to Martel’s master plan to bring they young blonde wife into the mix as well. Things are about to hit a fever pitch!

Dewey is finally introduced to the Master’s wife, Alexus, his new Mistress. And Martel finally introduces his big plan to involve the white man’s beautiful hotwife into the mix.

The saga reaches a fever pitch as Teri’s husband has suddenly stopped paying attention to her. And now a handsome black neighbor has taken to jogging past her home — stopping frequently to chat with her. As her sexual frustration grows, she finds herself more and more attracted to the man. All the while, unsuspecting that both men are playing her. Will she fall for their game?

Teri, having fully submitted to her new Master, discovers that he has a wife. As she wonders whether she should submit to her as well, she does not realize that her new Mistress doesn’t like the vibe she senses between slave and Master. Things could get dicey…

SYNDY LIGHT: This is where the slow burn of the first three books pays off, and big time! I really like these center stories, especially 5.

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Black Owned Couple, Books 1-3: White Husband’s Descent

BOC bundle 1.2

The first three books in Syndy Light’s sexually charged saga of an average, suburban white couple that falls under the will of their black neighbor. His wife, Teri, thinks their sexual enslavement is all her fault, but by backtracking, we see it’s actually his! And she was but a pawn…

His wife was out of town, so what harm could a quick trip to a distant adult bookstore video arcade cause? That was until Dewey spotted the well-endowed black man through the glory hole. The poor white husband seems powerless to resist.

Dewey, home from his outing, pleasures himself over memories of just how hot things got. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. It’s the man from the arcade! Has he followed him home? No, it’s worse. He’s his neighbor! “You gonna fucking let me in, you little bitch?” the black man growls…….Of course, he is.

Having submitted to him orally, and agreeing to be his sex slave, Dewey finally goes into the lion’s den–His Master’s house! There, he prepares to surrender to him the one hole that has so far remained untouched…

SYNDY LIGHT: Honestly, if you’re interested, but haven’t read any of the series, I would start with the 2nd bundle, then read this one as the giant flashback that it is. I actually thought about releasing them that way originally, and in hindsight I wish I had.

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White Girlfriend Blacked by a Rapper

White Girlfriend Blacked by a Rapper

Ashley’s boyfriend promised her he would take her to see her favorite rapper for her birthday, but it turns out he lied. Pissed, she drives into the big city to see him by herself. She meets a black woman, also there solo, who promises to show her the ropes on surviving, and succeeding at a rap concert.

Ashley, deciding to get revenge on him by having the best time ever, allows herself to be molested during the show by anonymous hands. Then, the concert over, she and her new friend put on a show of their own for all the fine young black men at the club.

And just as things start to get interesting, they are called to the back to party privately with the headliner…

SYNDY LIGHT: A personal favorite of mine for a number of reasons. 1: It’s personal. It was influenced by actual people (and types) who used to come to the club I ran. 2: The sex is fucking hot! 3: It got one of my first two reviews on Amazon, and it was five stars! I would love to revisit these characters again. Bring them all back to the room. Maybe even show Ashley returning back home to tell her boyfriend to fuck off for good. Or make him eat her creampie, and then tell him to fuck off for good!

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Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss

Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss corrected version

(Also available as part of a bundle)

Angela was in a dead-end marriage. Her husband teased her mercilessly about her weight gain, while ignoring his own. When he asks her to speak with his new boss at a company picnic, the man — a young, handsome, enigmatic African-American billionaire — instead offers HER a job, replacing his personal assistant who is moving to the other side of the world.

She takes it, against the wishes of her loser husband, and quickly finds herself in a world of beautiful clothes, expensive cars, fine restaurants, world travel, and VIP treatment everywhere. She soon finds herself falling for the man at the center of it all. He’s all for it, except he insists that she first tell her husband — his employee — that she is taking his boss as her lover.

That’s when her new life begins.

ANITA BLACKMANN: Another early one. Great cover! My cuckolding tales were more romantic then. I like the power-affirming angle, too. The unexpected lesbian scene doesn’t hurt, either! It was written as a standalone, something that Black Billionaire’s Club wasn’t, but I wouldn’t mind doing a follow-up. Angela’s husband deserves some badness to happen to him, ala my more recent style.

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Bigfoot and the Co-Eds 2: BIGFEET

Bigfoot 2

(Also available as part of a multi-story bundle)

Having spent the weekend in the woods, making love to each other and being taken by Bigfoot, the girls return to their dorm life to find everything has changed. They keep upping the sexual stakes, including taking a tall black woman as their mutual lover, but they find it harder and harder to become satisfied. And they crave sex more than ever!

They decide another trip into the deep woods is in order, but once there, they meet a second, larger and angrier Bigfoot!

Their first lover arrives to save the day, but our heroine finds herself craving a Bigfoot sandwich…

With herself as the meat!!!

BESS STEELE: I wrote this one purely out of love of the characters. The sales from the first one hadn’t justified it, but I couldn’t help myself. I think that’s what makes is so good. At least, I like it! Maybe that’s what made the series such a joy to write. There’s a second Bigfoot in this one. Bigger, scarier. Sort of throws the girls for a loop. I also introduced the theme of “Once you go Bigfoot…” One note: It turns out that the plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot. Kinda dull. I like mine better!

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Bigfoot and the Co-eds

Bigfoot 1 New COVER

(Also available as part of a bundle)

A young college coed and her roommate desire to get away from the immature boys back at the dorm.

Their passionate love-making has attracted something.

Something big.

Something scary.

And now they are alone.



And at the mercy of a very, very horny Bigfoot.

Will they submit?

BESS STEELE My first book! I think it came out really well, too. Never a big seller on Amazon, but I wrote a sequel anyway because I liked the Coeds so much! Then, they both became such hits on Smashwords, that I finally got to do a third one to tie it all together. The one thing this has above the others is the thrill of meeting Bigfoot for the first time, before the pussy tamed him!

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