Backdoor Stepbrother, Cosplay Goblin King

Backdoor Stepbrother

When Bess was young, she inherited the biggest jerk in the form of a stepbrother, when her mother remarried. After less than a year, he came of age and went away. And she couldn’t have been happier.

Eight years later, she hears of a super-hot guy at the comic convention, dressed as a goblin King, complete with a magical codpiece. She is stunned to find out that he is, in actuality, her long-lost stepbrother, Hunter.

They are older now, and more mature.

And hungry for each other!

What happens at the Con, stays at the Con.

Until now…

BESS STEELE: I liked writing this one. Got to delve a little into the world of cons, though if I wrote what really happened there, no one would believe half of it. I liked that they didn’t get along, but the “why” is the interesting part. And of course, that family dynamic…

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