Banged By That Old Gang of Mine

AKA Lovin’ That Old Gang of Mine

Three boys — Tom, Andy and Nick — and a girl named Alex, all grew up on the same cul-de-sac, on the outskirts of town, and are thick as thieves. During the summer between school and college, the freshly turned 18 foursome decide on one last hurrah!

And it all comes down to one fateful night, at the exclusive estate belonging to Tom’s Uncle Phil. Alex, who had always dated other guys, because she couldn’t pick between the three she loved most, suddenly realizes she has wasted a lot of time.

Now, despite never having been with a man, she wants to change all of that.

With all three young men in one night.

At the same time.

SYNDY LIGHT: Found out at the last minute that Amazon doesn’t allow you to use the word “Bang” or any variation thereof in a title! And I thought I was going to get one over on them by splitting up the word “gangbang” (also banned). The joke was on me! My first attempt at writing a gangbang AND a virgin deflowering story. I think it came out pretty well, especially the sex parts.

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