Bigfoot Spring Break (Bigfoot and the Coeds III)

Bigfoot Spring Break


It’s been a long, cold and lonely winter for our heroine. She has found solace in the arms of her new lovers — the black classmate from Bigfeet, and her well-hung boyfriend. But now that the weather has finally turned warm, she and her dorm mate can’t wait to see their bestial lovers again.

As they make their way into the woods, our girls have brought along their friend. And so have the two Bigfoot.

Actually, the Bigfoot have brought more than just one.

A lot more!

Let the Bigfoot and Coed orgy commence!!!

BESS STEELE: You can thank the fans on Smashwords for this one. I always wanted to do a third one. A real knock-down, drag-out whopper of a finish, but the sales just weren’t there. Until we found Smashwords. MUA! I’m glad I got the chance to give the girls and the Bigfoot the send-off they deserve. I know I keep saying that “Quantum Lust” was my first book, but the original “Bigfoot and the Coeds” was. The other was just my first to be banned…

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