Black Owned Couple 1 – White Husband’s First Surrender

Black Owned Couple Smashwords

THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL! This was Syndy’s first book, and with its success, she inspired Anita, Bess, Amanda, and eventually Malaw to join her in writing erotica.

Teri, a white middle-class suburban housewife with a very moral upbringing, has made her loving husband a cuckold, as she submits to her large, black neighbor’s every sexual whim and nasty desire. But when they enslave her Dewey as well, she wonders how it all got so out of control. Little does she know, it’s not really her fault.

It’s his.

This is the story of how he first fell from grace, and started a descent into sexual slavery and depravity that would soon engulf his wife, and beyond…

SYNDY LIGHT: The whole story is literally a flashback from Part 7! That’s what it opens with. I actually had much more mapped out when I sat down to write it, but then I found out about all of Amazon (and other booksellers) restrictions, so… But none of that affects parts 1-7. I wrote this and then held on to it for almost a month before I published it.

Smashwords Books 1-3 (bundled) on Smashwords Amazon Books 1-3 (bundled) on Amazon


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