Black Owned Couple 3 – White Husband’s Final Surrender

Black Owned Couple 3 SMASHWORDS

Only one part of Dewey, the little white slave, has remained untouched by his Master. Now is the time for surrender. This is the third part of Syndy Light’s sexually charged saga of the hidden underside of the new suburbia.

SYNDY LIGHT: Of all things, I’ve always been unhappy with the cover. We used a picture with a different model. I didn’t want the imagery to get old. It just doesn’t fit.. But I digress. This story picks up a couple of days later, and Dewey is now sneaking around under his wife’s nose. Which is about to get harder, as he is about to get fucked up the ass —  for the first time in his life — by his Master’s big black cock! The series is a bit of a slow burn, but I wanted to something that was rooted deeply in reality. A lot of erotica, especially in the cuckold genre, doesn’t hold me, because it’s rather far-fetched from the get go.

Smashwords Books 1-3 (bundled) on Smashwords Amazon Books 1-3 (bundled) on Amazon


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