Black Owned Couple 4: White Husband, Black Mistress

Black Owned Couple 4

Dewey finally meets the Master’s wife, and instantly falls in love with the ebony goddess. This makes his degradation in front of her all the more humiliating. And his Master reveals the next step in his diabolical plan to make the white boy’s wife his slave, as well. Though Dewey continues to submit to his Master’s will, he begins to test the boundaries in an attempt to pleasure his new Mistress any way he can.

SYNDY LIGHT: This is where the focus of the saga finally starts to turn back towards wife Teri, as the Master lets Dewey in on the next major phase of his plan, and gives him items to plant back home — where the wife is guaranteed to find them. When Dewey does meet his Mistress, he is taken in by her beauty. I think it will make for an interesting dynamic later on.

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