Black Owned Couple 5: Black Master, White Wife

Teri, a hot but prudish white suburban housewife, suddenly finds herself lusting for her big, black neighbor, against her better judgement.

Little does she know, it’s part of a conspiracy on the part of her husband, who is a sexual slave to that very same man!

Their manipulations have been building, and Teri is about to burst!

SYNDY LIGHT: I think this is one of the best stories I’ve written yet. Seriously hot as hell. What Teri is put through leading up to her fall from grace is palpable. Even though I wrote it, it drives me wild when I have to go back and read it, which I’ve done three or four times now. The first person to reach out to me on Twitter called it my best, too, and encouraged me to write more.

Funny (as in “stupid”) story behind the scenes. You can’t buy this story as a standalone in several countries from Amazon. And it got banned from Apple, too. Why? Because the girl on the cover is tied up.

Only she’s not. Look at the first pic closely. She may have some sort of rope garment around her, but she is not tied up. I got around a few of the places by having a second cover made, by combining half of BOC3, and half of Bess Steele’s “Taken for Payment.” (Which is seriously hot, by the way.) So, I believe Apple now carries it, but I’m not ready to trade solid sales all over the world, just to appease Apple Germany.

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