Black Owned Couple 6 – White Wife, Black Mistress

Black Owned Couple 6 SMASHWORDS

When we last left her, Teri, a morally upright young, blonde suburban housewife had fallen hard for her big, black neighbor, Martel. Ultimately she decided to become his personal slave.

Now her journey takes a new turn as she is introduced to her new Mistress. All sorts of old stands on all things wicked are being slowly pushed aside by the fires of desire burning deep inside.

As she willingly moves forward there is a catch…. Her Mistress doesn’t trust her.

The Black Owned Couple saga takes a couple of wicked turns, indeed!

SYNDY LIGHT: After taking a couple months off, I returned to the saga. Like 5, the focus is on Teri and Master Martel, as he brings her before his wife. But the Mistress sees something between the Master and the slave that she hasn’t seen before. She feels a threat, and I think it adds an interesting dynamic to the saga. There is a possibility I’ll be ending the saga with part 8, and a flashback to the events between 5 and 6. I’m also discussing the possibility of Anita taking over the series, so that I can focus on other types of erotica. It seems crazy that two of us are doing interracial within such a small company. But only the future knows. Plus she’s writing a really dark saga of her own. I’ve read part one. STEAMY is hardly the word for it!

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