Cowboy & Ballers 1: Submitting to Black, One on One

COWBOY 1 vastly improved

Ty was a hunky young, straight white cowboy who’s pickup breaks down in Chicago’s South Side.

Trying to avoid a conflict, he’s surprised to find himself powerless to refuse the lewd requests of a city park basketball player. A tall, well-hung black man with a huge appetite for sexually dominating all things white. He had the young man go down on him right there in the bleachers-right out in the open!

And that’s when the six more young, horny African-American men playing some 3 on 3 took notice…

AMANDA MANN: My first book! I liked that the cowboy, who is usually the alpha, finds that he’s unable to resist the demands of someone else. We were all very green when I wrote this, so please forgive me for leaving it with a cliffhanger. I stopped doing that a couple of stories later. HOWEVER, I think part 2 is actually very hot!

This is also available as part of a 3-story bundle.

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