Cowboy & Ballers 2: The Game is 7 on 1

Cowboy and Ballers 2 - The Game is 7 on 1

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Ty, the hetero white cowboy from Texas, had already allowed himself to become the sex slave of the tall, lanky black man from the South Side of Chicago, Dre. When the are joined by the six basketball players who were on the court when Dre first made Ty orally pleasure him, it’s more than obvious that they want a piece of him, too. One on one was one thing.

Seven on one is quite another.

AMANDA MANN: Since part 1 ended on a cliffhanger, I had to come out with this. The firs was rough on Ty because he was a virgin. This picks up right away, and is rough on him because now there are seven guys using him pretty much non-stop. Each one has a different personality, a different way of doing him, and a different cock!

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