My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

Also known as: My Wife Turned Me Into Her Special Girlfriend (No content change)

After seeing the wife he adores being taken by a large black man in a public restroom, Chris thinks his marriage is over. But then Emma gives him an alternative — live as a woman, and they can continue to be in each others’ lives.

He’s not sure, but he doesn’t want to lose her. He loves her so much that he reluctantly agrees.

So begins his new phase of life.

As his wife’s sister….

AMANDA MANN: Anita and I were looking through some pictures for covers one day, and I saw this one. She thought they looked like sisters. I said the one on right looked like she might have been her brother, and got changed into her sister — that’s why she looks a little unhappy. Anita said “Oh my God, you have to write that!” And so I did. Except by the time I sat down to write a few minutes later, he became her husband and a cuckold instead. It was my first fast-seller and has inspired two sequels, so far. I should note, that part 3 has some edits on Amazon and elsewhere. I was starting to get heat for “familial and incest themes,” DESPITE NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEING RELATED!!!

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