The Bull She Met Online

The Bull She Met Online SMASHWORDS

A beautiful young woman, and loving wife, discovers that her husband has been cheating on her since they met in high school.

She seeks out a handsome, virile black bull on an internet classified site.

With her life-long best friend on the camera, she sets out to record the hottest, naughtiest sex tape of all time, to get revenge on her sleazeball, soon-to-be ex.

SYNDY LIGHT: The title was inspired by a series of Lifetime movies, but the story is something they couldn’t do. Well, maybe in ten years the way things are going, but not now. The story itself was inspired by a video I shot back in the day. A hotwife friend of mine wanted to make one for her cuck husband. He loved it, and I wanted to capture that feel. This was a slow seller at first, but it’s picked up as time has gone on. Maybe that ★★★★★ on Amazon helped!

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