White Wedding, Blacked Bride III: Blacked Reception

White Wedding, Blacked Bride III - Blacked Reception

Our heroine had gone from a 23 year-old virgin, to a BBC addict, after being ganged by three hot black janitors, at the church where she was to be wed. He best friend, and maid of honor, had even joined her for round two. But now she is wed to the man that her parents arranged for her, and trying to make the best of is. And so far, she is succeeding.

That is, until she realizes the 6 main waitstaff is all African-American, and she feels her loins heating up once again.

It’s her best friend, Jane to the rescue! Under the guise of a major wedding dress wardrobe malfunction, she whisks our bride back to the very room she had been in earlier. And there, standing naked in the middle of that room, are three of the hot waiters. She knows that they are, because she can see their uniforms piled on a nearby table. They are naked, and they are ready.

And everything is going along swimmingly. The first wave switches with a second, and even one of the kitchen staff takes a shot at our hot duo. Multiple positions, and multiple penetrations. The pleasures are overwhelming.

And that is when her sweet, innocent 18 year old sister shows up!

What happens next may shock you. It will definitely titillate you.

ANITA BLACKMANN: I’ve had so much fun with the Bride. But all good things must come to an end. Of course, you want to out with a bang. So I thought it would be fun to include the Bride’s sister this time. Where you buy it from will determine how dirty the sister’s involvement gets. Sorry, but most sites have some crazy strict rules. SPOILER AHEAD

On Smashwords, sister Mary is 18 and gets nasty with the bride. On Amazon (and anywhere you don’t see “uncut and unedited”) she’s 20 and gets nasty with Jane, the bride’s best friend. Smashwords sells Kindle files, so if you like your erotica hot and nasty, I would say go there!

Smashwords (uncut, unedited)     Trilogy Bundle on Smashwords (uncut, unedited)

Amazon     Trilogy Bundle on Amazon


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