White Wedding, Blacked Bride

White Wedding, Blacked Bride NEW SEPT 15

The first person story of a young woman who was raised in a very strict, religious environment (from home schooling to a pre-arranged marriage) finds herself having doubts on her wedding day — The very day she has saved herself for!

After a secret trip to a strip club for her bachelorette party–where she witnesses her best friend getting nailed from behind in a bathroom stall by a big black stripper–she finds herself having conflicting feelings of second thoughts and lust. Seeking a quiet place, she accidentally finds herself surrounded by three large, black, maintenance men who leave little doubt as to their intentions.

Part of her wants to run, but another part wants them to take her.

All of them!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I saw an image of a bride being grabbed by three black guys, and suddenly it all just rushed into my head. Probably the 2nd fastest I’ve ever written a story. I really like the Bride, and I had a lot of fun writing the trilogy.

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