Alien Bred: Submission to the Alien Overlords

Alien Bred

Civilization has fallen, following an alien invasion.

This is the first person account of a woman struggling to stay alive in a world aflame. The puppet government is corrupt and the underground resistance is even worse.

So when the alien overlords ask for volunteers to breed a new race of alien/human hybrids to run the world, she volunteers to go to the mother ship.

Once there she falls for an alien doctor, but is paired instead with a massive, eight-foot tall warrior.

Soon begins her breeding.

BESS STEELE: One of the first books I wrote after getting Quantum banned on Amazon, I was a bit timid when I wrote it. It’s more romantic than anything, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I liked the idea of a creature so large, that his fingers were the size of cocks! It makes for an interesting DP.

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