Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss

Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss corrected version

(Also available as part of a bundle)

Angela was in a dead-end marriage. Her husband teased her mercilessly about her weight gain, while ignoring his own. When he asks her to speak with his new boss at a company picnic, the man — a young, handsome, enigmatic African-American billionaire — instead offers HER a job, replacing his personal assistant who is moving to the other side of the world.

She takes it, against the wishes of her loser husband, and quickly finds herself in a world of beautiful clothes, expensive cars, fine restaurants, world travel, and VIP treatment everywhere. She soon finds herself falling for the man at the center of it all. He’s all for it, except he insists that she first tell her husband — his employee — that she is taking his boss as her lover.

That’s when her new life begins.

ANITA BLACKMANN: Another early one. Great cover! My cuckolding tales were more romantic then. I like the power-affirming angle, too. The unexpected lesbian scene doesn’t hurt, either! It was written as a standalone, something that Black Billionaire’s Club wasn’t, but I wouldn’t mind doing a follow-up. Angela’s husband deserves some badness to happen to him, ala my more recent style.

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