Mistress of the Hound

Mistress of the Hound

When Beverly moved to the country from the big city, she adopted a pup. When he matures, his rambunctious nature prompts her to take him to the vet. Her recommendation, get him laid, or get him fixed. She finds him a bitch to mate with, and that triggers feelings of her own for the company of a man.

Things don’t go as planned, though, and one dark night her new guy tries to take what she isn’t willing to give. Her faithful canine companion comes to her rescue, and Beverly rewards him by presenting herself to her new, furry lover.

MALAW HULE: People write and read werewolf stories (and all the other “were” animals) as a way to hide they’re writing/reading bestiality fiction. I think that’s silly. You want to have a story, have THE story. Don’t hide it. This isn’t an instruction manual. It’s fantasy. My first book, and I think it’s pretty good.



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