White Girlfriend Blacked by a Rapper

White Girlfriend Blacked by a Rapper

Ashley’s boyfriend promised her he would take her to see her favorite rapper for her birthday, but it turns out he lied. Pissed, she drives into the big city to see him by herself. She meets a black woman, also there solo, who promises to show her the ropes on surviving, and succeeding at a rap concert.

Ashley, deciding to get revenge on him by having the best time ever, allows herself to be molested during the show by anonymous hands. Then, the concert over, she and her new friend put on a show of their own for all the fine young black men at the club.

And just as things start to get interesting, they are called to the back to party privately with the headliner…

SYNDY LIGHT: A personal favorite of mine for a number of reasons. 1: It’s personal. It was influenced by actual people (and types) who used to come to the club I ran. 2: The sex is fucking hot! 3: It got one of my first two reviews on Amazon, and it was five stars! I would love to revisit these characters again. Bring them all back to the room. Maybe even show Ashley returning back home to tell her boyfriend to fuck off for good. Or make him eat her creampie, and then tell him to fuck off for good!

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