White Wedding, Blacked Bride II

White Wedding, Blacked Bride II SMASHWORDS

Our white bride had given up her virginity to three large, black janitors in the teacher’s lounge of the church’s school. Now, realizing she has still another hour and fifteen minutes to go before the service, she requests another round.

This time, harder!

But there’s a new element. Her best friend, and maid of honor, has stumbled across the lusty foursome, and wants to join in!

She made it to the church on time, but will she make it to the service? Or will this five-way prove too much distraction?

ANITA BLACKMANN: The end of the first one was meant to be the end and not a cliffhanger. She set out to lose her virginity in spectacular fashion, and she did. But it sure worked out well for a follow-up, didn’t it? Adding Jane to the mix was a natural. There was no way she could be gone for forty minutes without SOMEONE looking for her.

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