Queen of Denial 1

Queen of Denial 1

“Are you sure this is what you really want?”

Anita had asked her husband that more than once. His request seemed simple enough to him. He wanted her to go down on a black man while he made a video of it. “It will spice things up,” he said.

But she had never really needed more than loving words and gentle caresses to get revved up. Apparently he did. And he had been grooming her with porn that more and more had included white women having nasty, raw sex with black men.

But she consented because she loved him. Still, she worried. “What if I become addicted?” She didn’t want things to change. He laughed and reassured her that their love was strong.

The were prepared. Wine, camera, a hot black guy, and safe words.

What could go wrong?

ANITA BLACKMANN: This is my response to the many, many request I seem to get from white males to have me cuckold them. Being in a long-term and monogamous relationship with a beautiful black man, that’s not really my thing any more. That doesn’t mean I can’t write about it, though. This book is the first of three, but you don’t really need to read them in any specific order. They are merely random tales of the same relationship. But I hope that you love them enough to read all of them, anyway.






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