Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker (Bi Cuckold Humiliation Creampie)

Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker

Since that fateful night, Daniel’s workplace bully has actually been nice to him. That is until Al tells him that he wants to take his wife in front of him. Tempted by the offer to help him “get him” a woman he has a crush on work, Daniel agrees to the man’s insidious plan.

But on that new and fateful night, the double-cross is in and Daniel finds himself helpless to interfere, as his wife deliberately takes on his bully, doing things with him that she had never done with Daniel. And the weak husband is both repulsed and extremely turned on.

The Big Black Coworker saga take another unexpected turn, and not everything is as it seems. But if you read through it all the way to the end, you’ll find more than enough twists and turns to satisfy your effort.

AMANDA MANN That last paragraph exists to hopefully appease Amazon, or at least make them read all the way through. Otherwise, they might jump to conclusions and ban it.

I wanted to take the saga in a new direction. Daniel’s story isn’t just about gay sex, but about his bully’s desire to take over and control every aspect of his life through his mind games and domination. I also wanted to go back and explore the cuckolding themes I had touched on in the original “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister.”

And this raises the question of what happens from here? I hope I get to do more. Ideas are already percolating…

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Queen of Denial 3

Queen of Denial 3

Darren had pestered his wife into doing a sexual act with another man, only to have it backfire in a most spectacular fashion. Now he’s her hapless cuckold slave, and things are heating up to a fever pitch.

He will kneel.
He will submit.
He will be denied.

And more. She’s determined to make him utter his safe word, but no matter how much she humiliates and degrades him, he refuses. What will it take? A three on one gang session, with him feminized and at the mercy of three well endowed black men?

Maybe. At least she’s willing to try…

ANITA BLACKMANN The thing about Anita, in the story, is that she new to all of this. And she’s angry. So there’s going to be a learning curve. Now that the roles have been defined, it’s time to finally lock him in his cock cage and let him know the rewards, and the punishment, of his denial training. And I like the new characters of Latesha and Jackson. If I ever do more of these, I think they’ll be around.

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Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins.jpg

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. And the twins have turned their back on her as well. She’s gone from sex several times a day for weeks, to nothing at all, and she’s frustrated. Things get so bad that she tries to reconcile with the boyfriend who cheated on her while they were both away at college!

Enough is enough! Marie decides to take action and stuffs herself into a bikini that is way too small to conceal her ample goods, and teases her three older brothers until they can’t take any more.

But Joey has a surprise up his sleeve. He thinks that Marie needs to be punished, for revealing their affair to the twins. Will she submit???

(Of course. And it’s hot as hell!)

WARNING: This book explores adult themes between consenting adults including rough sex, corporal punishment and female edging. All characters are over 18 years of age.

MALAW HULE: I really wanted to take the story to the next level with this one. Marie seduced her big brother in the first, and tricked the twins in the second. So it only seemed right that they should turn the tables on her in this one. I toy with themes of denial, frustration, punishment and some interesting 3 on 1 combinations. In the end, everyone should have a real good down and dirty time!

Taken & Passed Around by My Big Black Coworker

Taken & Passed Around by My Big Black Coworker

Daniel didn’t like his workplace bully. A large black man who mocked his abilities. That all changed in a matter of minutes one day, when they were alone together in an office. One thing lead to another and Al had taken him and made him his bitch. He even made the married family man pay for the motel room where he further used and humiliated him.

The thing was, as rough as it was, as disgusting as he found Al, Daniel was starting to like it.

Even love it!

But the bully had more in store for him that night. More men were coming from their workplace, and Al was intending that everyone had their turn!!!

AMANDA MANN: I liked the idea of Al stepping up Daniel’s humiliation and embarrassing him with his man crush. Also, I’ve introduced someone who he hates even more than his bully. I think adding the two elements of love and hate to his degradation gives it an interesting dynamic. Even though the main story picks up immediately after the events of the first book, I added some back story to give it much more impact, too.

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Queen of Denial 2

Queen of Denial 2

It was never something that Anita had wanted to do, but she loved her husband of seven years so much that she agreed. What was it? He wanted her to orally pleasure a black man while he recorded the act to view later. To “spice things up.” But he hadn’t counted on her getting so turned up. Within minutes his wildest fantasy quickly became his greatest nightmare.

Now he is her husband in name only, as she cuckolds and humiliates him at every turn. He can end it, though. He has a safe word and she keeps doing things to goad him into using it, but so far he is taking everything she can dish out.

So, of course, she just has to ramp up the punishment…

Just how far will this all go???

ANITA BLACKMANN: Rather than tell the story in a chronological order, and have a series of cliff-hangers, I thought it would be fun to jump around a bit. The parts of this book have a similar theme running through them, just like in the first book. The idea is that you wouldn’t have to read the others (a third is on the way) in order to appreciate this one.

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