Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins.jpg

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. And the twins have turned their back on her as well. She’s gone from sex several times a day for weeks, to nothing at all, and she’s frustrated. Things get so bad that she tries to reconcile with the boyfriend who cheated on her while they were both away at college!

Enough is enough! Marie decides to take action and stuffs herself into a bikini that is way too small to conceal her ample goods, and teases her three older brothers until they can’t take any more.

But Joey has a surprise up his sleeve. He thinks that Marie needs to be punished, for revealing their affair to the twins. Will she submit???

(Of course. And it’s hot as hell!)

WARNING: This book explores adult themes between consenting adults including rough sex, corporal punishment and female edging. All characters are over 18 years of age.

MALAW HULE: I really wanted to take the story to the next level with this one. Marie seduced her big brother in the first, and tricked the twins in the second. So it only seemed right that they should turn the tables on her in this one. I toy with themes of denial, frustration, punishment and some interesting 3 on 1 combinations. In the end, everyone should have a real good down and dirty time!


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