Star Force: Awakenings

EDITOR’S NOTE: On the advice of the ebook seller, Smashwords, we are unpublishing this title, for legal reasons. Mostly, that we don’t want to be sued. We are discussing a number of options, and will update you with what we decide.

Star Force Awakenings

What did the young woman know of the evil government or of the Resistance to bring it down? She was alone and lonely on a barren, desert world. That was the problem with planets on the outer rim — nothing but scum and villains.

Fantasizing about the possibilities that seemed beyond her reach, she suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of it all! A lost robot on a mission, a handsome young black man on the lam, and a whole intergalactic army on their tail as they fly through space at the speed of light. Adrenaline courses through their veins. Their senses heighten. A force they can’t explain draws them together in a passionate embrace.

A whole universe of possibilities opens before them! But first, there is a fiery passion that needs quenching…

Anita Blackmann It’s getting to the point that, when I watch a movie or TV show, I can’t stop thinking about where I would be able to stick in a sex scene! I recently saw a hit movie and the two leads seriously looked like they wanted to bone one another right then and there, but it wasn’t that kind of movie. Well, in my book it is! Think of these as 3 very naughty, deleted sex scenes, and enjoy!


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