Star Lust 1: The Awakening

Star Lust 1 - The Awakening

Bae was a lonely young woman on a desert world, longing for love and adventure. How was she to know that her chance encounter with a wayward robot would give her more of both than she could ever imagine?

A handsome black stranger on the lam from the law, corrupt military officials, a mysterious medallion, pirates, aliens and creatures of all sorts, and even a treasure are in the offing. But first, there’s a little (big) matter of the intense, passionate attraction between her and this new man in her life.

Fantasies can come true.

Intergalactic. Interracial.

Star Lust 1: The Awakening

ANITA BLACKMANN: The love scenes I had written for Star Force: Awakenings were just too good to lose. And I had half-expected the book to get banned before it was published anyway. As I re-wrote the framework, it developed into a much bigger story. I realized I was limiting myself with the one that came before.

Like Queen of Denial, I decided that each book would cover a certain theme. The finale of book one actually takes place after the first half of book two, but thematically it fits better. That sort of thing. Ah, you’ll see what I mean when you read it.



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