Star Lust 1 – Awakenings

Star Lust 1 - Awakenings safe version

She had lived on one of the outer rim worlds for twenty years. A desert planet full of those who wished to avoid others. Especially the law.

It had been five years since she had last seen her mother. “Don’t trust men,” she had frequently told her. When young Bae pressed for which ones she should avoid, her mother always replied “All of them.”

But her attitude changed abruptly when the handsome black stranger came into her life, pursued by military agents of the Illuminato — a powerful group of psychics who ruled the known universe.

Bae suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

But first, there’s this burning passion to deal with…

ANITA BLACKMANN: This one has a long history. I first wrote it as a sort of fan fiction to the new Star Wars. As I was watching it for the first time, I noticed a great deal of heat between the young white girl and the young black man. Smashwords took it down in a panic, fearing lawsuits. I understood.

I knew the sex scenes were too good to lose, so I started thinking about a new story. Before I knew it, I was working out a trilogy! When the first one was done, I published it to Amazon as a presale. The idea is that I would publish one each Wednesday, with the final one coming out May the Fourth (Be With You), as a little inside joke. After nearly a week and no pre-orders, I discovered that they had removed it from their searches because the cover was too dirty. You can actually see it in a posting below. She’s fully dressed. The screw-up cost me the ability to do presales for a whole year.

But now they are all done. The extra time gave me a chance to strengthen the story and explore some alien loving in the second and third books. But first things first, it’s time for young Bae to get rid of that pesky virginity that she’s been carrying around far too long…



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