Seducing My Tenant (Older Woman, Younger Man)

Seducing My Tenant

She was 62. He was 28. She rented him rooms in her house out of necessity, but the sounds that he and his girlfriend made, awakened feelings inside of her that she forgot she had.

And suddenly, he was single again.

She didn’t mean to. She tried to move on. But happenstance found her standing before him, fresh out of the shower and wrapped only in a towel. Looking at him there, she wanted nothing more, but how would he react? There was only one way to find out.

She let the towel drop to the floor…

SYNDY LIGHT It’s been a while. I’ve been working on a longer BDSM story for several months. I’m so single-minded that I wanted to finish it before I wrote anything else. It was my cousin, Anita Blackmann, who inspired me to set it aside and write this. This has been mulling around in my mind for some time. It’s inspired by a friend who is actually renting out rooms in her house to a much younger man. I like it. It smolders for so long, then bursts into fiery passion. Like any good erotic romance.

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