When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life (Plushie Fantasy)

When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life

Kendra had always been the shy one, She finally blossomed at college and even found love. Their first date was at the county fair, where Jake won her a giant stuffed bear. She named him Mr. Snuggles.

The love between Kendra and Jake was intense. The passion, fiery. But life has a way of throwing curveballs and Jake was taken away much too soon.

Six years later, Kendra returns home and brings Mr. Snuggles down from the attic. Alone in the house during a freak rain storm, surrounded by thunder and lightning, something happens. Something magical.

Something wonderful!

When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life is, by turns, beautiful, sad, hopeful… And always hot!

SYNDY LIGHT Bess retired from writing to pursue her academic career. Just before taking off on her summer adventure, she sent this to us. “It’s for the fans. For our anniversary.” Deadlier Than the Male Publications started July 18, 2015, when friends Bess Steele and Anita Blackmann published their first books. One year later, that catalogue has grown to 72 erotica eBooks! We have so many more to come.

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