Suburban Cuckold


Life had gotten away from Norma somehow. Her husband, never a pillar of strength, never even tried anymore. Their son became everything, but now he’s going away to summer camp.

Her son’s best friend had a brute for a father, but his mother… Wow! Paige was tall, beautiful, and confident. Everything that Norma wasn’t. With her kids at summer camp, too, she suggested the girls get together, have some wine, and forget about their cares for a while.

At first, wild fantasies roam through Norma’s mind, but she knows better. She knows nothing will happen.

But this is the suburbs. A lot of things go on behind the closed doors of all of those perfect, and perfectly identical, houses, sometimes. And Norma’s about to find out, first hand, just how naughty things can get!

Syndy Light: I had been thinking about this one for some time. As I drive past houses in the suburbs the first thought that comes to mind is, everything kind of looks the same. The second thing is, I wonder what sort of naughty secrets go in in there? You know that things do.

I also liked the idea of a woman crush coming true and the idea of a man being so devoted to his wife that he would allow her the occasional lesbian fling. Also, that she would repay his trust by including him!

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