Forbidden Seductions, Book 2


Just like before, they had grown up together, but they weren’t blood-related. Still, they teased her like they were. Tom and Ted, the twins, and their older sibling, Joey. She was glad when he went away to college and over the moon when the other two followed suit a year later. Then, it was her turn.

But this is about the following summer. Back home. Before the twins got back, she had seduced Joey and taken him as her lover. Now Tom and Ted were home and suddenly, he had to leave. “It’s not fair,” she cried, to no avail.

It’s one of those situations, you know, when the cat’s away…

The twins hadn’t changed at all. They were still a couple of brats. But, late one night, she overheard them talking about their college conquests and it got her mind and body working in overdrive.

No, they hadn’t changed. Except in one thing. They both had gotten very hot, just like Joey had.

And there were two of them. Hunkage, doubled.

She knew she mustn’t but, once again, she couldn’t help herself. She needed two heaping scoops of that double trouble. But how?

SYNDY LIGHT It’s a sequel, so naturally you want to double-up on the action. What better way to do that than with twins? The boys are much brattier than their older brother and there’s some mind games going on. All-in-all, I think it’s pretty darn hot and very fresh. I enjoyed writing the sex scenes and even put in a cool twist or two.

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