First Time Futa 2: Girlfriend (Naughty Futa Girlfriends)


Tricia thought she was going to be spending the weekend at home, chilling with her girlfriend of two years and making sweet, sweet love again and again.

But she was in for a big surprise. Literally!

Her girlfriend had found a Futa High Priestess and, unbeknownst to Tricia, she was now a full-blown futa herself. And a very blessed on at that! Her throbbing passion knew no bounds…

After an incredible intense “breaking in” session, the ladies take to the subway. They have a special game they like to play, where they drive the men wild, then hurry back to their place to work it all off.

But there’s a new twist this time. Elizabeth has that special gift and she puts it to use, right there in front of an unsuspecting crowd.

All of them, except for that one fine MILF. Oh, they both agree, they need to bring that one into the mix!

First Time Futa’s Girlfriend is a wild, exhilarating, and sensual tale, indeed. Take a look inside and you’ll see!

This tale stands on its own. You do not need to read any others that came before it to understand or enjoy it. Although, you will want to read more!

SYNDY LIGHT With this tale, I shifted the story-telling focus to Elizabeth’s girlfriend, Tricia. I like how her shorter stature affects the story, especially when she let’s her dominant side out, later in the tale. The train scene just sort of happened. Originally, they were just going to fool around and Elizabeth was going to surprise her by secretly taking her to the futa high priestess from the first story, but the MILF suddenly became such an intriguing addition that I had to go with it. BTW, she has her own trilogy in Naughty Girlfriends 4-6.

At Amazon stores, worldwide. Currently available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime!


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