Forbidden Seductions, Book 3


They were no longer the brats who had teased her growing up, they had become very hot young men. She had seduced the oldest and then, while he was away, she seduced the twins, too. Now, they were all together and she thought it would be the time of her life.

So how come no one wanted to play with her?

She was beside herself. She had had everything her lustful heart could desire and then it all went just went away in the blink of an eye.

But she wasn’t licked yet. She heard them playing outside by the pool. A devious thought popped into her mind. She stuffed her hot body into an old bikini, one that was just a wee bit too small, grabbed her towel and some suntan oil.

She was determined to get herself into triple trouble, this time.

Or was that their plan all along?

SYNDY LIGHT I like that Marie thought it was going to be so easy. I wanted her to have some resistance this time, especially so it can lead to some punishment. I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about bringing her stepmother and stepfather into the fray, in a new story or two.

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