ReBlacked 2


Connie was back in black. Or, rather, black was in her. She should have known that once you go black, you can never go back. She had tried, but it only took one visit from her former lover to convince her otherwise.

Jamaal was now sharing her marital bed while her husband slept on the sofa. He wasn’t about to spring for a bed for the spare room. He figured it was “just a phase.” His wife knew better, though. She loved her husband, she reasoned and was only sleeping with her Ex to save the marriage.

The power structure at home had changed and she was going to put Mike through some new paces. Chastity and servitude are the order of the day.

Oh, and wild, passionate interracial sex!

Somebody has to do it. After all, there’s an offspring to be made…

ANITA BLACKMANN As it turns out, Mike, her husband, got a little caught up in the heat of the moment in the first story. I thought it would be more interesting if he resisted the new changes. This lets Connie put him through some “corrections.” Good, naughty fun!

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