She’s the Great Futa, Charlene B!: Naughty Futa Halloween


Charlene had met the woman of her dreams in Mindy, the hot lesbian from the Midwest. The only problem was, Charlene wasn’t cis and, in the long run, what she wanted was something that only a man would be able to give her.

But Mindy was way ahead of her. She found an ancient book that told of a ritual that could only be performed in a pumpkin patch, under a full moon, and only on All Hallows Eve.

As it just so happened, this Halloween would, indeed, have a full moon…

SYNDY LIGHT I’ve been wanting to write a Halloween tale with a nod to the Charlie Brown classic for over a year now. I think this came out better than “It’s the Great Blumpkin, Chuckie Nutz” would have. The Naughty Futa Halloween stories are an anthology series. Aside from the central Halloween/horror theme, they are individual standalone tales.

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy from Amazon stores, worldwide!


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