Taken by a Futa Shifter!: Naughty Futa Halloween


Adriana was taking a break from city life. One too many crazy girls, in her mind. She treated herself to a fine resort, deep in the Oregon woods.

Mayra was the most striking woman she had ever seen and she seemed to be very interested in Adriana, as well. A chance accident throws the two of them together and deep passion ignites!

But Mayra has a secret.

Actually, two.

The first is that she is a futa. She’s all woman but she had a big bit of something extra. You know, down there…

And, oh, yeah… she’s a werewolf!

And it just so happens to be a full moon.

SYNDY LIGHT My first shifter/werewolf story! This was a lot of fun. I especially liked the initial seduction scene, as well as the finale. I definitely want to write more like this. I also plan to bring back Mayra at some point. Like the other “Futa Halloween” tales, this is a standalone tale. Hopefully, you’ll want to read them all, though.

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited or buy from Amazon stores worldwide!


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