Beta Boi for the College Alpha


His first year at college. Craig was away from home for the first time. Just another white, middle-class guy who had never had luck with the ladies before, hoping to reinvent himself and finally get some action.

His dorm mate was a cool guy. He took to him immediately. He had met a couple of hot girls and they were going to meet up later at a place called Darby’s. Everybody who was anybody would be there, looking for action. They could be each other’s wingman.

But things didn’t work out. The roommate and his girl split pretty quick and Craig’s “date” didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

That’s when he noticed the giant of a black man at the pool table, watching him and waving him over. Something was triggered deep inside as one game became two, which then became three. Each time, he bested the black man. Down 6 balls to two, Craig gets cocky and the black man makes him a bet: Whoever loses the game has to submit to every sexual whim of the winner. Craig knows he can’t lose so he takes it.

He learns real quick that the big black man is a hustler and soon finds himself in the man’s house.

On his knees.

His heart racing!

AMANDA MANN: In a way, I’ve gone back to my roots. Like my first story, this is a gay, interracial tale, although Craig (unlike Ty, the straight cowboy in “Cowboy Vs. Ballers”) isn’t sure what he wants. I like the idea of a rough daddy figure taking him under his wing, so to speak, and teaching him the ways of rough sex.

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The 50 Year-Old New Gurl: A Transgender Tale (Feminization)

The 50 Year Old New Gurl

Todd has never had a night like this in all his fifty years on the planet. He meets a young woman by accident and is instantly smitten. He brings her back to the club where his friends are, only to find them making fun of her, calling her a “tranny.”

For the first time in his life, Todd feels that everything is just right and he’s not ready to give it up. He leaves his friends in hot pursuit, catching up with her and going back to her place. One thing leads to another: A night of passion like he has ever known and a makeover that will turn his whole world on its ear!

AMANDA MANN I’ve been wanting to do another transgender title for quite a while. In fact, I have three others started, with a fourth mulling around in my brain. For this one, I wanted to write something for the fans who have reached out to me. A lot of them feel they are “to old” for their dream to come through. I don’t happen to believe that. This story is about what a lot of great stories are about: An opportunity that seems to come out of nowhere and a hero(ine) who seizes the chance. I hope you enjoy it.


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My Summer Story

My Summer Story

Coming out in the summer of ’63 was hard. So very hard. And living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else, it was basically impossible. You couldn’t tell anyone. Not your family. And not even your best friend.

No matter how much you loved him.

I had known there was something different about me for a very long time. But the things my father said about men who loved men terrified me. When a gay couple had been arrested for simply making out in an alley one town over, he called them “perverts” and said that people like them should be locked up.

I tried to fit in. I tried to ride it out, hoping it was just a phase. I had a girlfriend — three years and counting — and she was eager for us to get married and have children, and to do all the things that that entailed. We weren’t kids anymore. We had our whole adult lives ahead of us.

Lord help me, I did try to fit in.

But there was that hot summer. My best friend and I had been inseparable since before I could remember and that night was no different. Unable to sleep because of the oppressive heat, we snuck into a public pool to swim. I swear, skinny dipping was not my idea.

Love was right there in front of me, but small town America in 1963 was a very different place.

My mind raced. I knew I mustn’t, but how could I resist?

AMANDA MANN I was nearing the end of “Becoming Lily,” when I realized I had never done a gay story with the same sort of tone as “Caught by My Roommate’s Boyfriend” and “I Was Turned at the Costume Party.” Next thing I knew I had this story in my head and just had to write it down. It’s sweet, hopeful and contains some great, hot sex! What more could you ask for?


Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker (Bi Cuckold Humiliation Creampie)

Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker

Since that fateful night, Daniel’s workplace bully has actually been nice to him. That is until Al tells him that he wants to take his wife in front of him. Tempted by the offer to help him “get him” a woman he has a crush on work, Daniel agrees to the man’s insidious plan.

But on that new and fateful night, the double-cross is in and Daniel finds himself helpless to interfere, as his wife deliberately takes on his bully, doing things with him that she had never done with Daniel. And the weak husband is both repulsed and extremely turned on.

The Big Black Coworker saga take another unexpected turn, and not everything is as it seems. But if you read through it all the way to the end, you’ll find more than enough twists and turns to satisfy your effort.

AMANDA MANN That last paragraph exists to hopefully appease Amazon, or at least make them read all the way through. Otherwise, they might jump to conclusions and ban it.

I wanted to take the saga in a new direction. Daniel’s story isn’t just about gay sex, but about his bully’s desire to take over and control every aspect of his life through his mind games and domination. I also wanted to go back and explore the cuckolding themes I had touched on in the original “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister.”

And this raises the question of what happens from here? I hope I get to do more. Ideas are already percolating…

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Taken & Passed Around by My Big Black Coworker

Taken & Passed Around by My Big Black Coworker

Daniel didn’t like his workplace bully. A large black man who mocked his abilities. That all changed in a matter of minutes one day, when they were alone together in an office. One thing lead to another and Al had taken him and made him his bitch. He even made the married family man pay for the motel room where he further used and humiliated him.

The thing was, as rough as it was, as disgusting as he found Al, Daniel was starting to like it.

Even love it!

But the bully had more in store for him that night. More men were coming from their workplace, and Al was intending that everyone had their turn!!!

AMANDA MANN: I liked the idea of Al stepping up Daniel’s humiliation and embarrassing him with his man crush. Also, I’ve introduced someone who he hates even more than his bully. I think adding the two elements of love and hate to his degradation gives it an interesting dynamic. Even though the main story picks up immediately after the events of the first book, I added some back story to give it much more impact, too.

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My Wife Turned Me 3: Sister’s Dark Revelation

My Wife Turned Me 3 Sister's Dark Revelation

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Now that Chris has become Christina at his wife’s request, she begins to feel more and more like a woman every day. But she longs for things like real breasts…

Her wife-turned-sister still has a dark revelation for her, and Emma’s boss wants to pimp Christina out, in exchange for hormone treatments.

And that’s all before Christina shows up at the rich man’s house. A man with a minor bondage, and a major fisting fetish…


AMANDA MANN: My third go-around with Christina. We’ve already discovered she has a taste for the rougher, naughtier things. She’s also beginning to desire a more feminine body to go with her mindset. And then there’s her “sister’s” boss. So much going on.

I had been getting a lot of heat from other distributors, so I wrote the story as I always do, and that’s what’s on Smashwords (and anywhere you see “sister”). I changed about half of the familial references and other minor bits for Amazon. I changed the other half for just about anywhere else. No one is family. No one is underage, but these A******’s keep treating my stories as if they are. Tired of getting banned over sexual fantasies. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons we like Smashwords so much.

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Cowboy & Ballers 2: The Game is 7 on 1

Cowboy and Ballers 2 - The Game is 7 on 1

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Ty, the hetero white cowboy from Texas, had already allowed himself to become the sex slave of the tall, lanky black man from the South Side of Chicago, Dre. When the are joined by the six basketball players who were on the court when Dre first made Ty orally pleasure him, it’s more than obvious that they want a piece of him, too. One on one was one thing.

Seven on one is quite another.

AMANDA MANN: Since part 1 ended on a cliffhanger, I had to come out with this. The firs was rough on Ty because he was a virgin. This picks up right away, and is rough on him because now there are seven guys using him pretty much non-stop. Each one has a different personality, a different way of doing him, and a different cock!

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(Also part of a three story bundle)

Taylor was a fresh-faced young man, new in the big city, and coming off a four-year engagement to a pretty girl back home. He buries himself in work and pick-up basketball, but when he finds out that gay sex happens on a regular basis in the restroom in the center of the park, he finds he can’t stop obsessing about it.

Slowly, but surely, he’s drawn to that concrete den of iniquity. And there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

AMANDA MANN: I’ve always liked the theme of anonymous sex, especially in a public place. Obsession and compulsion play a large part in the story as well. It was my first self-contained story, although I would love to do a follow-up based on the last line of the story.

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Cowboy & Ballers 1: Submitting to Black, One on One

COWBOY 1 vastly improved

Ty was a hunky young, straight white cowboy who’s pickup breaks down in Chicago’s South Side.

Trying to avoid a conflict, he’s surprised to find himself powerless to refuse the lewd requests of a city park basketball player. A tall, well-hung black man with a huge appetite for sexually dominating all things white. He had the young man go down on him right there in the bleachers-right out in the open!

And that’s when the six more young, horny African-American men playing some 3 on 3 took notice…

AMANDA MANN: My first book! I liked that the cowboy, who is usually the alpha, finds that he’s unable to resist the demands of someone else. We were all very green when I wrote this, so please forgive me for leaving it with a cliffhanger. I stopped doing that a couple of stories later. HOWEVER, I think part 2 is actually very hot!

This is also available as part of a 3-story bundle.

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My Wife Turned Me 2: Sister’s Dark Turn

My Wife Turned Me 2  - Sister's Dark Turn

Also known as  “My Wife Turned Me 2: Girlfriend’s Dark Turn”

It had been less than a day since Emma asked her husband Chris to become her sister, Christina. And she couldn’t be happier.

But now that she is living her life as a woman, she is finding herself fantasizing about rougher things. Raunchier things.

Rough men, and lots of them. All at once.

And Emma is right there to help her new sister make her fantasies come true…

AMANDA MANN: I really liked writing this one. I particularly liked writing the (SPOILER) gangbang. I like the sisterly dynamic, and what it adds to the story. I got a lot of heat from various stores, and so it’s harder to find than the previous.

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