Tumble in the Jungle: An Interracial Cuckold Adventure


She was the wife of an English Lord, a proper Lady. He was a tribesman of the Congo, charged with leading her husband’s safari through the nearly impenetrable jungle. The trip was meant to prove his Lordship’s manhood, but it was having the opposite effect. Day after day, her love for him waned just a bit more and her admiration for the tall, powerfully muscled African grew. It would all come to head one hot, sleepless night, in an explosion of passion. But, with such tight quarters, their secret was one that couldn’t be kept for long…

ANITA BLACKMANN: Before the invention of boobs on my body, I was something of a tomboy and I loved reading adventure novels, particularly those of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan. This is my very naughty homage to them.

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White Wedding, Blacked Bride Honeymoon (Interracial Cuckold Multiples)

White Wedding, Blacked Bride Honeymoon

The Bride is back! She’s married now and the debauchery of the reception is behind her. She has vowed to herself that she will not stray again. That her addiction for dark-skinned men has been satiated.

Maybe she shouldn’t have picked Jamaica for her honeymoon, then!

Things don’t go as planned on their honeymoon night and she runs out into the night. She finds herself on a secluded beach and is startled by a tall local man who has come to poach coconuts by moonlight. He invites her to join him.

He’s strong and handsome and charming. What’s a poor young bride like her supposed to do?

The Bride has a fever. Jamaica has the big black cure!

ANITA BLACKMANN The Blacked Bride was always one of my favorites, so I’m glad she’s a fan favorite, too. It’s time for our heroine to explore new worlds and what better place than Jamaica? It’s complicated by the fact that she’s married now, but her addiction to the pleasures of BBC will not be denied! A fun romp. I hope you like it. I’m already thinking of more adventures.

The Smashwords version is slightly different, making a couple of references to her taboo adventure in the SW version of “White Wedding, Blacked Bride III: Blacked Reception,” which does not occur in the Amazon version.


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Orange & Blacked

Orange & Blacked Improved 2

Her first time away from home would be in a women’s prison. To survive, she’s going to need someone to have her back, no matter what the cost.


A young, middle-classed white girl finds herself in a nightmare situation when she’s sentenced to prison. Her plan is simple: Cozy up to the toughest woman she can and do whatever it takes to stay safe. But while everyone else is grouped by race, she finds herself sharing a cell with the tough black girl she met on the bus ride in.

And the big black guard who escorted them there doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I’ve been wanting to do a women in prison story for a real long time. While the title may be reminiscent of that of a popular TV show, that’s where the similarities end. This is an all-new story, with new characters and hot, steamy sex! Lots and lots of sex!


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Black Owned Couple 7 – White Couple Enslaved

Black Owned Couple 7

The seventh installment in Anita Blackmann’s Black Owned Couple saga, bringing the tale full-circle before sending it forward at breakneck speed!

Teri, the hot young housewife had fallen for her handsome black neighbor, subjugating herself to him AND his beautiful wife. And all this time, she blamed herself for cheating on her husband. How was she to know that her husband had fallen under Martel’s spell weeks earlier, and that the two of them had been playing her!

Now Martel has decided to bring the couple together. Dewey thinks this has been the plan all along, but their Master is about to drop a huge bomb on them both! Sure, suburbia looks quiet and respectable, but it’s time to pull back the facade and expose the naughtiness that lies beneath!

ANITA BLACKMANN I first started writing this last September, after part 6. I got frustrated by the lack of response to both that and part 5 (Which I considered the best of the series until now.). It turns out Amazon hid those two titles from all searches because they considered the covers too dirty! Sadly, they don’t tell you when they do this, so I figured the series was done. Flash forward to March of this year. I found out about the ban, changed the covers and suddenly people can see them and were actually buying. I’m glad, because I didn’t really want to leave the saga hanging.

The new story starts right where the first one did, but instead of flashing back to how it all started, it moves forward. I felt it was time to bring everyone together and see how it played out. I had some ideas for parts 8 & 9, but I’ve brought the finale of 9 forward. I won’t tell you what it is, but I think it’s pretty cool and it changes the dynamics of the relationships and really cranks up the heat!

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BWO – Black Owned Family: Taking the Daughter

BWO Black Owned Family 1-Taking the Daughter v3

He followed her. Studied her. Watched her every move. He knew her better than she knew herself. And then he met her. Insinuated himself into her life. Made her want him. Need him. That’s when he turned her life upside down! Hana’s chaste world is about to rapidly devolve into one of sexual submission, masochism and perversion. And she’s never craved anything more in her life!

The New Black World Order (or Black New World Order) is still underground, but growing stronger every year. Anita takes a trip to the dark side with this tale of a young, pure woman of strong, liberal upbringing, but with a conservative mindset when it comes to her own sexuality.

She has a long-time boyfriend — the captain of the football team, in fact — but lately she’s garnered the friendship of a tall, handsome-but-kinda-goofy immigrant boy from a strife-torn part of Africa. Or so everyone assumes. But Ade isn’t what he seems. And he’s not who he says he is. He has designs on not only Hana, but others in her family as well. Lurid designs. Life-changing designs.

It all comes down to one fateful night. He invites her into his home under the pretense of needing help with his English. From there, things take a rapid turn into domination, masochism and perversion. If Hana submits, her whole world will be turned upside-down!
ANITA BLACKMANN: Darker than my usual fare. The fact that it’s an entire family dominating the barely-legal, high school cheerleader virgin… That will keep it off of Amazon.

It’s also my longest story to date. It’s written in an older style than I do these days, since I wrote it back in October of last year. I did tighten it up, though. It reads well. And what happens is seriously hot.

Smashwords has Kindle, Nook, iBook, Palm and Sony formats, plus an online reader, so don’t worry about it not being at places like Amazon and iTunes. You’re covered.


Star Lust 3 – Happiest Endings

Star Lust 3 - Happiest Endings safe version

Bae had been awakened to a universe of adventure. Pirates and villains, treasure, space battles and alien creatures. She had been pushed to the edge. Now it was time to step over it!

Her and her lover finally close in on the treasure they seek, but an ancient spirit controls all life on the planet and he demands a most personal offering. Help may be on the way, but so is the enemy. Will Bae make this ultimate sacrifice?

This once lonely little desert waif’s adventure is barreling towards it’s final showdown.

And what a crazy ride it’s been!

ANITA BLACKMANN: As I mentioned in the post for book 1, one of the things the delay gave me was the opportunity to add more alien creatures. I had a whole imaginary galaxy to work with, and it seemed strange to limit it to just black male on white female sex. I’m very proud of the scene with the tree. Sort of Treebeard + Groot + Evil Dead (but without the horror part…)! The epic definitely ends with a bang!


Star Lust 2 – Edge of Desire

Star Lust 2 - Edge of Desire safe version

Until recently, she had been a 20 year old peasant girl on a desert world. But Bae has been thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

And deep inside of her things have been awakened. Not just her femininity, but powers. Strong ones. There’s a whole big universe of possibilities out there for a woman strong enough and bold enough to go all out.

And Bae is just that kind of woman!

ANITA BLACKMANN: Things kick into high gear, as Bae takes on a blue, four-breasted alien woman in her first lesbian experience! And Stabler can’t seem to keep his hands of the young girl’s ass…


Star Lust 1 – Awakenings

Star Lust 1 - Awakenings safe version

She had lived on one of the outer rim worlds for twenty years. A desert planet full of those who wished to avoid others. Especially the law.

It had been five years since she had last seen her mother. “Don’t trust men,” she had frequently told her. When young Bae pressed for which ones she should avoid, her mother always replied “All of them.”

But her attitude changed abruptly when the handsome black stranger came into her life, pursued by military agents of the Illuminato — a powerful group of psychics who ruled the known universe.

Bae suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

But first, there’s this burning passion to deal with…

ANITA BLACKMANN: This one has a long history. I first wrote it as a sort of fan fiction to the new Star Wars. As I was watching it for the first time, I noticed a great deal of heat between the young white girl and the young black man. Smashwords took it down in a panic, fearing lawsuits. I understood.

I knew the sex scenes were too good to lose, so I started thinking about a new story. Before I knew it, I was working out a trilogy! When the first one was done, I published it to Amazon as a presale. The idea is that I would publish one each Wednesday, with the final one coming out May the Fourth (Be With You), as a little inside joke. After nearly a week and no pre-orders, I discovered that they had removed it from their searches because the cover was too dirty. You can actually see it in a posting below. She’s fully dressed. The screw-up cost me the ability to do presales for a whole year.

But now they are all done. The extra time gave me a chance to strengthen the story and explore some alien loving in the second and third books. But first things first, it’s time for young Bae to get rid of that pesky virginity that she’s been carrying around far too long…


Star Lust 1: The Awakening

Star Lust 1 - The Awakening

Bae was a lonely young woman on a desert world, longing for love and adventure. How was she to know that her chance encounter with a wayward robot would give her more of both than she could ever imagine?

A handsome black stranger on the lam from the law, corrupt military officials, a mysterious medallion, pirates, aliens and creatures of all sorts, and even a treasure are in the offing. But first, there’s a little (big) matter of the intense, passionate attraction between her and this new man in her life.

Fantasies can come true.

Intergalactic. Interracial.

Star Lust 1: The Awakening

ANITA BLACKMANN: The love scenes I had written for Star Force: Awakenings were just too good to lose. And I had half-expected the book to get banned before it was published anyway. As I re-wrote the framework, it developed into a much bigger story. I realized I was limiting myself with the one that came before.

Like Queen of Denial, I decided that each book would cover a certain theme. The finale of book one actually takes place after the first half of book two, but thematically it fits better. That sort of thing. Ah, you’ll see what I mean when you read it.


Star Force: Awakenings

EDITOR’S NOTE: On the advice of the ebook seller, Smashwords, we are unpublishing this title, for legal reasons. Mostly, that we don’t want to be sued. We are discussing a number of options, and will update you with what we decide.

Star Force Awakenings

What did the young woman know of the evil government or of the Resistance to bring it down? She was alone and lonely on a barren, desert world. That was the problem with planets on the outer rim — nothing but scum and villains.

Fantasizing about the possibilities that seemed beyond her reach, she suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of it all! A lost robot on a mission, a handsome young black man on the lam, and a whole intergalactic army on their tail as they fly through space at the speed of light. Adrenaline courses through their veins. Their senses heighten. A force they can’t explain draws them together in a passionate embrace.

A whole universe of possibilities opens before them! But first, there is a fiery passion that needs quenching…

Anita Blackmann It’s getting to the point that, when I watch a movie or TV show, I can’t stop thinking about where I would be able to stick in a sex scene! I recently saw a hit movie and the two leads seriously looked like they wanted to bone one another right then and there, but it wasn’t that kind of movie. Well, in my book it is! Think of these as 3 very naughty, deleted sex scenes, and enjoy!