When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life (Plushie Fantasy)

When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life

Kendra had always been the shy one, She finally blossomed at college and even found love. Their first date was at the county fair, where Jake won her a giant stuffed bear. She named him Mr. Snuggles.

The love between Kendra and Jake was intense. The passion, fiery. But life has a way of throwing curveballs and Jake was taken away much too soon.

Six years later, Kendra returns home and brings Mr. Snuggles down from the attic. Alone in the house during a freak rain storm, surrounded by thunder and lightning, something happens. Something magical.

Something wonderful!

When Mr. Snuggles Came to Life is, by turns, beautiful, sad, hopeful… And always hot!

SYNDY LIGHT Bess retired from writing to pursue her academic career. Just before taking off on her summer adventure, she sent this to us. “It’s for the fans. For our anniversary.” Deadlier Than the Male Publications started July 18, 2015, when friends Bess Steele and Anita Blackmann published their first books. One year later, that catalogue has grown to 72 erotica eBooks! We have so many more to come.

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Bigfoot and the Co-Eds 2: BIGFEET

Bigfoot 2

(Also available as part of a multi-story bundle)

Having spent the weekend in the woods, making love to each other and being taken by Bigfoot, the girls return to their dorm life to find everything has changed. They keep upping the sexual stakes, including taking a tall black woman as their mutual lover, but they find it harder and harder to become satisfied. And they crave sex more than ever!

They decide another trip into the deep woods is in order, but once there, they meet a second, larger and angrier Bigfoot!

Their first lover arrives to save the day, but our heroine finds herself craving a Bigfoot sandwich…

With herself as the meat!!!

BESS STEELE: I wrote this one purely out of love of the characters. The sales from the first one hadn’t justified it, but I couldn’t help myself. I think that’s what makes is so good. At least, I like it! Maybe that’s what made the series such a joy to write. There’s a second Bigfoot in this one. Bigger, scarier. Sort of throws the girls for a loop. I also introduced the theme of “Once you go Bigfoot…” One note: It turns out that the plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot. Kinda dull. I like mine better!

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Bigfoot and the Co-eds

Bigfoot 1 New COVER

(Also available as part of a bundle)

A young college coed and her roommate desire to get away from the immature boys back at the dorm.

Their passionate love-making has attracted something.

Something big.

Something scary.

And now they are alone.



And at the mercy of a very, very horny Bigfoot.

Will they submit?

BESS STEELE My first book! I think it came out really well, too. Never a big seller on Amazon, but I wrote a sequel anyway because I liked the Coeds so much! Then, they both became such hits on Smashwords, that I finally got to do a third one to tie it all together. The one thing this has above the others is the thrill of meeting Bigfoot for the first time, before the pussy tamed him!

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Alien Bred: Submission to the Alien Overlords

Alien Bred

Civilization has fallen, following an alien invasion.

This is the first person account of a woman struggling to stay alive in a world aflame. The puppet government is corrupt and the underground resistance is even worse.

So when the alien overlords ask for volunteers to breed a new race of alien/human hybrids to run the world, she volunteers to go to the mother ship.

Once there she falls for an alien doctor, but is paired instead with a massive, eight-foot tall warrior.

Soon begins her breeding.

BESS STEELE: One of the first books I wrote after getting Quantum banned on Amazon, I was a bit timid when I wrote it. It’s more romantic than anything, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I liked the idea of a creature so large, that his fingers were the size of cocks! It makes for an interesting DP.

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Backdoor Stepbrother, Cosplay Goblin King

Backdoor Stepbrother

When Bess was young, she inherited the biggest jerk in the form of a stepbrother, when her mother remarried. After less than a year, he came of age and went away. And she couldn’t have been happier.

Eight years later, she hears of a super-hot guy at the comic convention, dressed as a goblin King, complete with a magical codpiece. She is stunned to find out that he is, in actuality, her long-lost stepbrother, Hunter.

They are older now, and more mature.

And hungry for each other!

What happens at the Con, stays at the Con.

Until now…

BESS STEELE: I liked writing this one. Got to delve a little into the world of cons, though if I wrote what really happened there, no one would believe half of it. I liked that they didn’t get along, but the “why” is the interesting part. And of course, that family dynamic…

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Quantum Lust: Beverly Hills Trophy Wife Taken By Cavemen

Quantum Lust 1

Debbie was the hot, beautiful young trophy wife of a wealthy and somewhat eccentric scientist and inventor. One day, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she finds her consciousness transported back through time, and into the body of a sexy cave woman. There’s a catch, though. The consciousness of Grok the cave woman is still in there, too.

Her husband can only communicate with her via sound, and only for limited amounts of time, as he struggles to return her to her own time and body. Can she keep the lustful Grok in check? Or will the young cave woman’s wanton desire for a Neanderthal gangbang win out?

BESS STEELE: This was inspired by the show “Quantum Leap,” in case you couldn’t tell. I liked the idea of being able to put your consciousness into someone else’s body. But I thought it would be more interesting if the other consciousness was still in there, and you had to fight to be the dominant one. Especially where sex is involved. Amazon banned this immediately, and others have banned it since. Yes, it is rough, but not without purpose. “Pillowing the Queen” was a light spin-off, but I anticipate writing another episode of this saga soon. 


Bigfoot Spring Break (Bigfoot and the Coeds III)

Bigfoot Spring Break


It’s been a long, cold and lonely winter for our heroine. She has found solace in the arms of her new lovers — the black classmate from Bigfeet, and her well-hung boyfriend. But now that the weather has finally turned warm, she and her dorm mate can’t wait to see their bestial lovers again.

As they make their way into the woods, our girls have brought along their friend. And so have the two Bigfoot.

Actually, the Bigfoot have brought more than just one.

A lot more!

Let the Bigfoot and Coed orgy commence!!!

BESS STEELE: You can thank the fans on Smashwords for this one. I always wanted to do a third one. A real knock-down, drag-out whopper of a finish, but the sales just weren’t there. Until we found Smashwords. MUA! I’m glad I got the chance to give the girls and the Bigfoot the send-off they deserve. I know I keep saying that “Quantum Lust” was my first book, but the original “Bigfoot and the Coeds” was. The other was just my first to be banned…

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