BWO – Black Owned Family 3: Enslaving the Father


Don had the perfect family. A wonderful wife, a handsome son, and the apple of his eye, his 18-year-old high school cheerleader daughter, Hana. A devout liberal, he was proud that she had dumped her elitist football player boyfriend for the African refugee, Ade.

But not everything is as it first seems and neither is Ade. He’s already taken and enslaved the women in Don’s life. He doesn’t know it, but his wife and daughter have submitted to the young black man behind his back and now Ade has set his sites on Don!

With BWO 3, the saga takes an even darker turn. With each submission, the stakes get bigger and the play gets nastier. Don will be tested, morally, physically, emotionally, and sexually before the night is over!

Oh, what he will do to survive…

ANITA BLACKMANN The basic idea, from the beginning, was to focus one book on each of the family members, setting them one month apart. Now, it’s Daddy’s turn. His wife and daughter play a huge part in this, both in terms of story and sex. A bit darker than most of my fare, so you won’t find it in most bookstores.

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She had tried for three years. There had been nothing between her and Jamal but sex. As glorious and intense as it was, she wanted more. She met Mike, they became lovers, and eventually married.

Once, Connie had gone black. Now, she was trying to go back.

It was all good, too, until the day her Ex showed up at their door, while her husband was at work. It stirred feelings that she couldn’t ignore. By the next day, she was in her former lover’s apartment.

There was nothing innocent about her visit.

Connie finds herself addicted and her husband Mike begins to suspect. Especially, on the day he comes home to find her Ex’s car parked out front.

ReBlacked is an explosive tale of lies, deception, cuckoldry, and unbridled lust and passion.

Connie was a fool. She forgot that once you go black, you can never go back!

Syndy Light: It all started with the title. It just came to me, out of the blue. I was shocked to see that no one else had used it before. From there, the story just literally flowed out of me. One of the fastest books I’ve ever written. So natural. So dirty. So fun.

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Black Owned Couple 7 – White Couple Enslaved

Black Owned Couple 7

The seventh installment in Anita Blackmann’s Black Owned Couple saga, bringing the tale full-circle before sending it forward at breakneck speed!

Teri, the hot young housewife had fallen for her handsome black neighbor, subjugating herself to him AND his beautiful wife. And all this time, she blamed herself for cheating on her husband. How was she to know that her husband had fallen under Martel’s spell weeks earlier, and that the two of them had been playing her!

Now Martel has decided to bring the couple together. Dewey thinks this has been the plan all along, but their Master is about to drop a huge bomb on them both! Sure, suburbia looks quiet and respectable, but it’s time to pull back the facade and expose the naughtiness that lies beneath!

ANITA BLACKMANN I first started writing this last September, after part 6. I got frustrated by the lack of response to both that and part 5 (Which I considered the best of the series until now.). It turns out Amazon hid those two titles from all searches because they considered the covers too dirty! Sadly, they don’t tell you when they do this, so I figured the series was done. Flash forward to March of this year. I found out about the ban, changed the covers and suddenly people can see them and were actually buying. I’m glad, because I didn’t really want to leave the saga hanging.

The new story starts right where the first one did, but instead of flashing back to how it all started, it moves forward. I felt it was time to bring everyone together and see how it played out. I had some ideas for parts 8 & 9, but I’ve brought the finale of 9 forward. I won’t tell you what it is, but I think it’s pretty cool and it changes the dynamics of the relationships and really cranks up the heat!

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My Summer Story

My Summer Story

Coming out in the summer of ’63 was hard. So very hard. And living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else, it was basically impossible. You couldn’t tell anyone. Not your family. And not even your best friend.

No matter how much you loved him.

I had known there was something different about me for a very long time. But the things my father said about men who loved men terrified me. When a gay couple had been arrested for simply making out in an alley one town over, he called them “perverts” and said that people like them should be locked up.

I tried to fit in. I tried to ride it out, hoping it was just a phase. I had a girlfriend — three years and counting — and she was eager for us to get married and have children, and to do all the things that that entailed. We weren’t kids anymore. We had our whole adult lives ahead of us.

Lord help me, I did try to fit in.

But there was that hot summer. My best friend and I had been inseparable since before I could remember and that night was no different. Unable to sleep because of the oppressive heat, we snuck into a public pool to swim. I swear, skinny dipping was not my idea.

Love was right there in front of me, but small town America in 1963 was a very different place.

My mind raced. I knew I mustn’t, but how could I resist?

AMANDA MANN I was nearing the end of “Becoming Lily,” when I realized I had never done a gay story with the same sort of tone as “Caught by My Roommate’s Boyfriend” and “I Was Turned at the Costume Party.” Next thing I knew I had this story in my head and just had to write it down. It’s sweet, hopeful and contains some great, hot sex! What more could you ask for?


Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker (Bi Cuckold Humiliation Creampie)

Taken & Cuckolded by My Big Black Coworker

Since that fateful night, Daniel’s workplace bully has actually been nice to him. That is until Al tells him that he wants to take his wife in front of him. Tempted by the offer to help him “get him” a woman he has a crush on work, Daniel agrees to the man’s insidious plan.

But on that new and fateful night, the double-cross is in and Daniel finds himself helpless to interfere, as his wife deliberately takes on his bully, doing things with him that she had never done with Daniel. And the weak husband is both repulsed and extremely turned on.

The Big Black Coworker saga take another unexpected turn, and not everything is as it seems. But if you read through it all the way to the end, you’ll find more than enough twists and turns to satisfy your effort.

AMANDA MANN That last paragraph exists to hopefully appease Amazon, or at least make them read all the way through. Otherwise, they might jump to conclusions and ban it.

I wanted to take the saga in a new direction. Daniel’s story isn’t just about gay sex, but about his bully’s desire to take over and control every aspect of his life through his mind games and domination. I also wanted to go back and explore the cuckolding themes I had touched on in the original “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister.”

And this raises the question of what happens from here? I hope I get to do more. Ideas are already percolating…

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Queen of Denial 3

Queen of Denial 3

Darren had pestered his wife into doing a sexual act with another man, only to have it backfire in a most spectacular fashion. Now he’s her hapless cuckold slave, and things are heating up to a fever pitch.

He will kneel.
He will submit.
He will be denied.

And more. She’s determined to make him utter his safe word, but no matter how much she humiliates and degrades him, he refuses. What will it take? A three on one gang session, with him feminized and at the mercy of three well endowed black men?

Maybe. At least she’s willing to try…

ANITA BLACKMANN The thing about Anita, in the story, is that she new to all of this. And she’s angry. So there’s going to be a learning curve. Now that the roles have been defined, it’s time to finally lock him in his cock cage and let him know the rewards, and the punishment, of his denial training. And I like the new characters of Latesha and Jackson. If I ever do more of these, I think they’ll be around.

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Queen of Denial 2

Queen of Denial 2

It was never something that Anita had wanted to do, but she loved her husband of seven years so much that she agreed. What was it? He wanted her to orally pleasure a black man while he recorded the act to view later. To “spice things up.” But he hadn’t counted on her getting so turned up. Within minutes his wildest fantasy quickly became his greatest nightmare.

Now he is her husband in name only, as she cuckolds and humiliates him at every turn. He can end it, though. He has a safe word and she keeps doing things to goad him into using it, but so far he is taking everything she can dish out.

So, of course, she just has to ramp up the punishment…

Just how far will this all go???

ANITA BLACKMANN: Rather than tell the story in a chronological order, and have a series of cliff-hangers, I thought it would be fun to jump around a bit. The parts of this book have a similar theme running through them, just like in the first book. The idea is that you wouldn’t have to read the others (a third is on the way) in order to appreciate this one.

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My Wife Turned Me 3: Sister’s Dark Revelation

My Wife Turned Me 3 Sister's Dark Revelation

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Now that Chris has become Christina at his wife’s request, she begins to feel more and more like a woman every day. But she longs for things like real breasts…

Her wife-turned-sister still has a dark revelation for her, and Emma’s boss wants to pimp Christina out, in exchange for hormone treatments.

And that’s all before Christina shows up at the rich man’s house. A man with a minor bondage, and a major fisting fetish…


AMANDA MANN: My third go-around with Christina. We’ve already discovered she has a taste for the rougher, naughtier things. She’s also beginning to desire a more feminine body to go with her mindset. And then there’s her “sister’s” boss. So much going on.

I had been getting a lot of heat from other distributors, so I wrote the story as I always do, and that’s what’s on Smashwords (and anywhere you see “sister”). I changed about half of the familial references and other minor bits for Amazon. I changed the other half for just about anywhere else. No one is family. No one is underage, but these A******’s keep treating my stories as if they are. Tired of getting banned over sexual fantasies. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons we like Smashwords so much.

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Black Owned Couple, Books 4-6: White Wife’s Submission

BOC bundle 2.2

The second bundle of three books in Syndy Light’s sexually charged saga of an average, suburban white couple that falls under the will of their black neighbor. Now that husband Dewey has submitted to his Master, he is introduced to his Mistress, and to Martel’s master plan to bring they young blonde wife into the mix as well. Things are about to hit a fever pitch!

Dewey is finally introduced to the Master’s wife, Alexus, his new Mistress. And Martel finally introduces his big plan to involve the white man’s beautiful hotwife into the mix.

The saga reaches a fever pitch as Teri’s husband has suddenly stopped paying attention to her. And now a handsome black neighbor has taken to jogging past her home — stopping frequently to chat with her. As her sexual frustration grows, she finds herself more and more attracted to the man. All the while, unsuspecting that both men are playing her. Will she fall for their game?

Teri, having fully submitted to her new Master, discovers that he has a wife. As she wonders whether she should submit to her as well, she does not realize that her new Mistress doesn’t like the vibe she senses between slave and Master. Things could get dicey…

SYNDY LIGHT: This is where the slow burn of the first three books pays off, and big time! I really like these center stories, especially 5.

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My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

Also known as: My Wife Turned Me Into Her Special Girlfriend (No content change)

After seeing the wife he adores being taken by a large black man in a public restroom, Chris thinks his marriage is over. But then Emma gives him an alternative — live as a woman, and they can continue to be in each others’ lives.

He’s not sure, but he doesn’t want to lose her. He loves her so much that he reluctantly agrees.

So begins his new phase of life.

As his wife’s sister….

AMANDA MANN: Anita and I were looking through some pictures for covers one day, and I saw this one. She thought they looked like sisters. I said the one on right looked like she might have been her brother, and got changed into her sister — that’s why she looks a little unhappy. Anita said “Oh my God, you have to write that!” And so I did. Except by the time I sat down to write a few minutes later, he became her husband and a cuckold instead. It was my first fast-seller and has inspired two sequels, so far. I should note, that part 3 has some edits on Amazon and elsewhere. I was starting to get heat for “familial and incest themes,” DESPITE NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEING RELATED!!!

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