Forbidden Seductions, Book 3


They were no longer the brats who had teased her growing up, they had become very hot young men. She had seduced the oldest and then, while he was away, she seduced the twins, too. Now, they were all together and she thought it would be the time of her life.

So how come no one wanted to play with her?

She was beside herself. She had had everything her lustful heart could desire and then it all went just went away in the blink of an eye.

But she wasn’t licked yet. She heard them playing outside by the pool. A devious thought popped into her mind. She stuffed her hot body into an old bikini, one that was just a wee bit too small, grabbed her towel and some suntan oil.

She was determined to get herself into triple trouble, this time.

Or was that their plan all along?

SYNDY LIGHT I like that Marie thought it was going to be so easy. I wanted her to have some resistance this time, especially so it can lead to some punishment. I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about bringing her stepmother and stepfather into the fray, in a new story or two.

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BWO – Black Owned Family 3: Enslaving the Father


Don had the perfect family. A wonderful wife, a handsome son, and the apple of his eye, his 18-year-old high school cheerleader daughter, Hana. A devout liberal, he was proud that she had dumped her elitist football player boyfriend for the African refugee, Ade.

But not everything is as it first seems and neither is Ade. He’s already taken and enslaved the women in Don’s life. He doesn’t know it, but his wife and daughter have submitted to the young black man behind his back and now Ade has set his sites on Don!

With BWO 3, the saga takes an even darker turn. With each submission, the stakes get bigger and the play gets nastier. Don will be tested, morally, physically, emotionally, and sexually before the night is over!

Oh, what he will do to survive…

ANITA BLACKMANN The basic idea, from the beginning, was to focus one book on each of the family members, setting them one month apart. Now, it’s Daddy’s turn. His wife and daughter play a huge part in this, both in terms of story and sex. A bit darker than most of my fare, so you won’t find it in most bookstores.

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Forbidden Seductions, Book 2


Just like before, they had grown up together, but they weren’t blood-related. Still, they teased her like they were. Tom and Ted, the twins, and their older sibling, Joey. She was glad when he went away to college and over the moon when the other two followed suit a year later. Then, it was her turn.

But this is about the following summer. Back home. Before the twins got back, she had seduced Joey and taken him as her lover. Now Tom and Ted were home and suddenly, he had to leave. “It’s not fair,” she cried, to no avail.

It’s one of those situations, you know, when the cat’s away…

The twins hadn’t changed at all. They were still a couple of brats. But, late one night, she overheard them talking about their college conquests and it got her mind and body working in overdrive.

No, they hadn’t changed. Except in one thing. They both had gotten very hot, just like Joey had.

And there were two of them. Hunkage, doubled.

She knew she mustn’t but, once again, she couldn’t help herself. She needed two heaping scoops of that double trouble. But how?

SYNDY LIGHT It’s a sequel, so naturally you want to double-up on the action. What better way to do that than with twins? The boys are much brattier than their older brother and there’s some mind games going on. All-in-all, I think it’s pretty darn hot and very fresh. I enjoyed writing the sex scenes and even put in a cool twist or two.

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Forbidden Seductions, Book 1


They had grown up together, but they weren’t blood-related. Still, they teased her like they were. Joey and his younger siblings, the twins. She was glad when he went away to college and over the moon when the other two followed suit a year later. Then, it was her turn.

But this is about the following summer. Back home. The twins weren’t back yet and Joey’s parents were out of town. It was just the two of them. Lucky for them, they had dates. Her with her last boyfriend and he with his girlfriend of many years. That would keep them busy.

Until it didn’t.

What are the odds of both of them breaking up the same night?

Now, she was finally seeing Joey, not as the smug brat who had tormented her for all those years, but as the young man he had become. A man with feelings, capable of great passion and deep love.

And, incredibly hot!

A friendly embrace turns into a passionate kiss. He pulls away. They mustn’t!

But she’s had a taste and she wants more.

There’s a yearning down deep inside. A thirst.

And it must be quenched!

SYNDY LIGHT: An adaption of “Seducing My Big Brother” for the Amazon Kindle market. Blood relations are now step relations, but without losing the intensity of the original story.

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BWO – Black Owned Family 2: Taking the Mother


She thought her daughter’s new boyfriend was an immigrant boy. But he was from Chicago and he had an agenda. A month ago, he had enslaved her precious daughter and now he had his sights set on her! And her own flesh and blood was helping him! One by one, he would take them and share them with his family. This MILF would be quite an addition to his stable!

ANITA BLACKMANN Like the first story, I actually wrote most of this nearly a year earlier. The darkness of the subject matter was somewhere that I didn’t want to go at the time. Seeing it in a new light led me to finally finish it and move forward with the quadrilogy. Things are getting hot and heavy for our family as half of them have submitted. This one is heavy on the incest angle, so there is no way you’ll find it at Amazon or iTunes/iBooks.


Rough Bred By My Daddy!

Rough Bred By My Daddy!

She has daddy issues. Oh boy, does she ever have daddy issues! After a particularly nasty fight with her mother, she plots a sexual revenge that will put her mother in her place forever. First, she’ll seduce her mother’s current boyfriend.

And, when she’s done with him, she’ll set her sights on Daddy!

MALAW HULE I was thinking how much fun it was writing something really taboo, like the Seducing My Big Brothers Trilogy, and this came to mind. I wanted to combine obvious daddy issues and the desire for rough sex and even revenge, but all motivated by the girl. Too many stories from the guy’s perspective. They don’t speak to me.


Sinful Delights: Three Sensual Menage Tales

Sinful Delights KINDLE

A threesome of hot, sensual romantic menage erotica from Syndy Light, together in one box set.

You get:
Banged by That Old Gang of Mine (The Summer Before College)
Stuff the Pilgrim!
Taking Frankenstein

Three boys — Tom, Andy and Nick — and a girl named Alex, all grew up on the same cul-de-sac, on the outskirts of town, and are thick as thieves. During the summer between school and college, the freshly turned 18 foursome decide on one last hurrah!

And it all comes down to one fateful night, at the exclusive estate belonging to Tom’s Uncle Phil. Alex, who had always dated other guys, because she couldn’t pick between the three she loved most, suddenly realizes she has wasted a lot of time.

Now, despite never having been with a man, she wants to change all of that.

With all three young men in one night.

At the same time.

Who says interracial erotica has to always be black and white? In 1621, theirs was a most forbidden love!

Prudence, widowed on the long voyage to the New World, finds herself lusting for the native who is helping her people survive their first year. One day she follows him down to the river and watches him bathe. She can hold off her feelings no longer…

Later, he will return with two others on the eve of their new autumn festival. As the title says, forget the turkey. These three are about to stuff themselves a beautiful Puritan woman!

Victoria Franks was really Victoria Frankenstein, and during her third year of medical school, she discovered that her infamous forefather’s creature was real, and might still be frozen in an ice flow, deep inside a Transylvania cave!

With the help of her cousin, Wilhelm the two of them locate and attempt to free the creature, in order to revive him. After a near-death experience the erstwhile doctor and her handsome cousin make love, but soon he becomes jealous of the attention she is paying to the rapidly thawing creature, and storms out.

Speaking of storms, Victoria is left alone with the creature. When she revives him, he is filled with raw, animal lust. And only has eye’s for his creator’s distant decedent!!! Will cousin Wilhelm return? And if he does, will he help her escape? Or just join in?

SYNDY LIGHT: I just wanted to give something back to the fans, so we compiled this collection from three of my earlier menage tales. If you want it really raw and unexpurgated, I suggest grabbing it from Smashwords. The first story only has a name change at Amazon, but the third one is quite different in tone, due to Amazon’s restrictions. There, Wilhelm is an ex-fiance. At Smashwords he’s her first cousin. As for the tale in the middle, I’m proud of writing an interracial tale that’s not BMWF.

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Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins.jpg

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. And the twins have turned their back on her as well. She’s gone from sex several times a day for weeks, to nothing at all, and she’s frustrated. Things get so bad that she tries to reconcile with the boyfriend who cheated on her while they were both away at college!

Enough is enough! Marie decides to take action and stuffs herself into a bikini that is way too small to conceal her ample goods, and teases her three older brothers until they can’t take any more.

But Joey has a surprise up his sleeve. He thinks that Marie needs to be punished, for revealing their affair to the twins. Will she submit???

(Of course. And it’s hot as hell!)

WARNING: This book explores adult themes between consenting adults including rough sex, corporal punishment and female edging. All characters are over 18 years of age.

MALAW HULE: I really wanted to take the story to the next level with this one. Marie seduced her big brother in the first, and tricked the twins in the second. So it only seemed right that they should turn the tables on her in this one. I toy with themes of denial, frustration, punishment and some interesting 3 on 1 combinations. In the end, everyone should have a real good down and dirty time!

Seducing My Big Twin Brothers

Seducing My Big Twin Bothers

The sequel to her brother/sister incest hit “Seducing My Big Brother”

She had been loving her older brother for a couple of weeks now. But it was harder, now that the twins were home, too. Worse, Joey had to go away for two weeks. What was she to do? Seduce them, too?


Of course!

MALAW HULE: While it is a follow-up to the events of the first one, they are both standalone tales. With Joey temporarily out of the picture (after some hot sex, of course), I liked the dynamic of having to deal with jerky twins. Who are also pretty hot!

Backdoor Stepbrother, Cosplay Goblin King

Backdoor Stepbrother

When Bess was young, she inherited the biggest jerk in the form of a stepbrother, when her mother remarried. After less than a year, he came of age and went away. And she couldn’t have been happier.

Eight years later, she hears of a super-hot guy at the comic convention, dressed as a goblin King, complete with a magical codpiece. She is stunned to find out that he is, in actuality, her long-lost stepbrother, Hunter.

They are older now, and more mature.

And hungry for each other!

What happens at the Con, stays at the Con.

Until now…

BESS STEELE: I liked writing this one. Got to delve a little into the world of cons, though if I wrote what really happened there, no one would believe half of it. I liked that they didn’t get along, but the “why” is the interesting part. And of course, that family dynamic…

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