Feminized by the Ex-Con!


Never trust an author. They lie by profession and call it fiction. I also probably shouldn’t have opened that door that day. It was my old cell mate, Marcus. I had spent a few days in jail several months back. Having opened the door, I probably shouldn’t have let him in.

But I did.

Big mistake! He had been wronged and someone had to pay. He lost his woman over it all and decided that I needed to replace her! And he was none too gentle about it.

Peek inside! This tale contains rough feminization, behavior, and submission. But if you read through it all the way to the end, you’ll find more than enough twists and turns to satisfy your effort.

SYNDY LIGHT: Amazon has a lot of rules about erotica, very few of which they let you know ahead of time. This was originally written specifically for Smashwords, since they only have two rules: No pedophilia and no stories that are just about rape. Honestly, we can live with that. No problem. However, the Zon is a much bigger market, so we decided to adapt a few stories for them. In the case of this one, it was a matter of writing a new prologue and epilogue. Very little was changed in between. If you want a hotter, rougher story, just skip those two. On a side note, someone reviewed it on Amazon, saying they really liked it but were upset that it was part of a series. This was not intended as a series. Now, though, I am thinking about writing another. Thanks, mean reviewer. I guess I’ll get the last laugh.



The 50 Year-Old New Gurl: A Transgender Tale (Feminization)

The 50 Year Old New Gurl

Todd has never had a night like this in all his fifty years on the planet. He meets a young woman by accident and is instantly smitten. He brings her back to the club where his friends are, only to find them making fun of her, calling her a “tranny.”

For the first time in his life, Todd feels that everything is just right and he’s not ready to give it up. He leaves his friends in hot pursuit, catching up with her and going back to her place. One thing leads to another: A night of passion like he has ever known and a makeover that will turn his whole world on its ear!

AMANDA MANN I’ve been wanting to do another transgender title for quite a while. In fact, I have three others started, with a fourth mulling around in my brain. For this one, I wanted to write something for the fans who have reached out to me. A lot of them feel they are “to old” for their dream to come through. I don’t happen to believe that. This story is about what a lot of great stories are about: An opportunity that seems to come out of nowhere and a hero(ine) who seizes the chance. I hope you enjoy it.


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Feminized by the Ex-Con!

Feminized by the Ex-Con!

They had briefly been cell mates. Marcus was a huge, rough mountain of a man. The kind of guy who had been in and out of institutions most of his adult life. Our hero was a small, slender man who had made a mistake. A stupid mistake that was to put him away for six months.

Unless he was willing to rat on Marcus. The DA was willing to do just about anything to keep the big bad guy locked up, including early release and a clean slate for his snitch.

Six months later, Marcus appears at his door. He’s lost everything because of the extra time he had to serve, and even his best friend has turned on him, shacking up with his woman! The young man let’s him in. Just for one night.

Yeah, right!

So begins his nightmare journey of rough sex and feminization. Is Marcus driven by revenge, or just by desire? And does our unfortunate (or is it fortunate) subject hate it? Or love it?

MALAW HULE I liked Amanda Mann’s forced feminization tale “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister” before she had to tone it down for Amazon. Those bozos at Apple still banned it. I don’t bother with Amazon, and I collect Apple bans like Olympic medals! If you want it rough, I write it rough. Also, never let a former cellmate who’s twice your size stay at your place, ESPECIALLY if you’re going to fall asleep drinking…

Queen of Denial 3

Queen of Denial 3

Darren had pestered his wife into doing a sexual act with another man, only to have it backfire in a most spectacular fashion. Now he’s her hapless cuckold slave, and things are heating up to a fever pitch.

He will kneel.
He will submit.
He will be denied.

And more. She’s determined to make him utter his safe word, but no matter how much she humiliates and degrades him, he refuses. What will it take? A three on one gang session, with him feminized and at the mercy of three well endowed black men?

Maybe. At least she’s willing to try…

ANITA BLACKMANN The thing about Anita, in the story, is that she new to all of this. And she’s angry. So there’s going to be a learning curve. Now that the roles have been defined, it’s time to finally lock him in his cock cage and let him know the rewards, and the punishment, of his denial training. And I like the new characters of Latesha and Jackson. If I ever do more of these, I think they’ll be around.

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Queen of Denial 2

Queen of Denial 2

It was never something that Anita had wanted to do, but she loved her husband of seven years so much that she agreed. What was it? He wanted her to orally pleasure a black man while he recorded the act to view later. To “spice things up.” But he hadn’t counted on her getting so turned up. Within minutes his wildest fantasy quickly became his greatest nightmare.

Now he is her husband in name only, as she cuckolds and humiliates him at every turn. He can end it, though. He has a safe word and she keeps doing things to goad him into using it, but so far he is taking everything she can dish out.

So, of course, she just has to ramp up the punishment…

Just how far will this all go???

ANITA BLACKMANN: Rather than tell the story in a chronological order, and have a series of cliff-hangers, I thought it would be fun to jump around a bit. The parts of this book have a similar theme running through them, just like in the first book. The idea is that you wouldn’t have to read the others (a third is on the way) in order to appreciate this one.

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Queen of Denial 1

Queen of Denial 1

“Are you sure this is what you really want?”

Anita had asked her husband that more than once. His request seemed simple enough to him. He wanted her to go down on a black man while he made a video of it. “It will spice things up,” he said.

But she had never really needed more than loving words and gentle caresses to get revved up. Apparently he did. And he had been grooming her with porn that more and more had included white women having nasty, raw sex with black men.

But she consented because she loved him. Still, she worried. “What if I become addicted?” She didn’t want things to change. He laughed and reassured her that their love was strong.

The were prepared. Wine, camera, a hot black guy, and safe words.

What could go wrong?

ANITA BLACKMANN: This is my response to the many, many request I seem to get from white males to have me cuckold them. Being in a long-term and monogamous relationship with a beautiful black man, that’s not really my thing any more. That doesn’t mean I can’t write about it, though. This book is the first of three, but you don’t really need to read them in any specific order. They are merely random tales of the same relationship. But I hope that you love them enough to read all of them, anyway.





My Wife Turned Me 3: Sister’s Dark Revelation

My Wife Turned Me 3 Sister's Dark Revelation

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Now that Chris has become Christina at his wife’s request, she begins to feel more and more like a woman every day. But she longs for things like real breasts…

Her wife-turned-sister still has a dark revelation for her, and Emma’s boss wants to pimp Christina out, in exchange for hormone treatments.

And that’s all before Christina shows up at the rich man’s house. A man with a minor bondage, and a major fisting fetish…


AMANDA MANN: My third go-around with Christina. We’ve already discovered she has a taste for the rougher, naughtier things. She’s also beginning to desire a more feminine body to go with her mindset. And then there’s her “sister’s” boss. So much going on.

I had been getting a lot of heat from other distributors, so I wrote the story as I always do, and that’s what’s on Smashwords (and anywhere you see “sister”). I changed about half of the familial references and other minor bits for Amazon. I changed the other half for just about anywhere else. No one is family. No one is underage, but these A******’s keep treating my stories as if they are. Tired of getting banned over sexual fantasies. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons we like Smashwords so much.

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My Wife Turned Me 2: Sister’s Dark Turn

My Wife Turned Me 2  - Sister's Dark Turn

Also known as  “My Wife Turned Me 2: Girlfriend’s Dark Turn”

It had been less than a day since Emma asked her husband Chris to become her sister, Christina. And she couldn’t be happier.

But now that she is living her life as a woman, she is finding herself fantasizing about rougher things. Raunchier things.

Rough men, and lots of them. All at once.

And Emma is right there to help her new sister make her fantasies come true…

AMANDA MANN: I really liked writing this one. I particularly liked writing the (SPOILER) gangbang. I like the sisterly dynamic, and what it adds to the story. I got a lot of heat from various stores, and so it’s harder to find than the previous.

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My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

Also known as: My Wife Turned Me Into Her Special Girlfriend (No content change)

After seeing the wife he adores being taken by a large black man in a public restroom, Chris thinks his marriage is over. But then Emma gives him an alternative — live as a woman, and they can continue to be in each others’ lives.

He’s not sure, but he doesn’t want to lose her. He loves her so much that he reluctantly agrees.

So begins his new phase of life.

As his wife’s sister….

AMANDA MANN: Anita and I were looking through some pictures for covers one day, and I saw this one. She thought they looked like sisters. I said the one on right looked like she might have been her brother, and got changed into her sister — that’s why she looks a little unhappy. Anita said “Oh my God, you have to write that!” And so I did. Except by the time I sat down to write a few minutes later, he became her husband and a cuckold instead. It was my first fast-seller and has inspired two sequels, so far. I should note, that part 3 has some edits on Amazon and elsewhere. I was starting to get heat for “familial and incest themes,” DESPITE NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEING RELATED!!!

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Caught By His Roommate’s Boyfriend

Caught By His Roommate's Boyfriend

Avery had a secret crush on his roommate, Annabel. And also, on her boyfriend, Kevin. He also liked to dress in her things and pretend that he was one of the couple — It didn’t matter which. He was on her bed, in her bra and panties, and a wig that he had bought for these times, when Kevin walked in and found him!

Avery’s whole world was about to change!

AMANDA: I had such wonderful feedback on “I Was Turned at the Costume Party,” so I wanted to create something along those same lines. Someone coming to grips with who they are and finding acceptance. Oh, and great sex, too!