Forbidden Seductions, Book 2


Just like before, they had grown up together, but they weren’t blood-related. Still, they teased her like they were. Tom and Ted, the twins, and their older sibling, Joey. She was glad when he went away to college and over the moon when the other two followed suit a year later. Then, it was her turn.

But this is about the following summer. Back home. Before the twins got back, she had seduced Joey and taken him as her lover. Now Tom and Ted were home and suddenly, he had to leave. “It’s not fair,” she cried, to no avail.

It’s one of those situations, you know, when the cat’s away…

The twins hadn’t changed at all. They were still a couple of brats. But, late one night, she overheard them talking about their college conquests and it got her mind and body working in overdrive.

No, they hadn’t changed. Except in one thing. They both had gotten very hot, just like Joey had.

And there were two of them. Hunkage, doubled.

She knew she mustn’t but, once again, she couldn’t help herself. She needed two heaping scoops of that double trouble. But how?

SYNDY LIGHT It’s a sequel, so naturally you want to double-up on the action. What better way to do that than with twins? The boys are much brattier than their older brother and there’s some mind games going on. All-in-all, I think it’s pretty darn hot and very fresh. I enjoyed writing the sex scenes and even put in a cool twist or two.

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Forbidden Seductions, Book 1


They had grown up together, but they weren’t blood-related. Still, they teased her like they were. Joey and his younger siblings, the twins. She was glad when he went away to college and over the moon when the other two followed suit a year later. Then, it was her turn.

But this is about the following summer. Back home. The twins weren’t back yet and Joey’s parents were out of town. It was just the two of them. Lucky for them, they had dates. Her with her last boyfriend and he with his girlfriend of many years. That would keep them busy.

Until it didn’t.

What are the odds of both of them breaking up the same night?

Now, she was finally seeing Joey, not as the smug brat who had tormented her for all those years, but as the young man he had become. A man with feelings, capable of great passion and deep love.

And, incredibly hot!

A friendly embrace turns into a passionate kiss. He pulls away. They mustn’t!

But she’s had a taste and she wants more.

There’s a yearning down deep inside. A thirst.

And it must be quenched!

SYNDY LIGHT: An adaption of “Seducing My Big Brother” for the Amazon Kindle market. Blood relations are now step relations, but without losing the intensity of the original story.

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Rough Bred By My Daddy!

Rough Bred By My Daddy!

She has daddy issues. Oh boy, does she ever have daddy issues! After a particularly nasty fight with her mother, she plots a sexual revenge that will put her mother in her place forever. First, she’ll seduce her mother’s current boyfriend.

And, when she’s done with him, she’ll set her sights on Daddy!

MALAW HULE I was thinking how much fun it was writing something really taboo, like the Seducing My Big Brothers Trilogy, and this came to mind. I wanted to combine obvious daddy issues and the desire for rough sex and even revenge, but all motivated by the girl. Too many stories from the guy’s perspective. They don’t speak to me.


Cuckolded on Their Wedding Night by His Own Dog!

Cuckolded on Their Wedding Night by His Own Dog!

Lesa and her new husband, Ned, were devoutly religious and pure on their wedding night. But that doesn’t always make for the best first time. And, in this case, the whole thing was a spectacular mess. She was in tears, wondering about her ruined life and he was sitting in the living room, in the dark, waiting for her to calm down like he had told her to.

Enter Roger, Ned’s two year old chocolate lab. At first, he merely wants to cheer his new mistress up. But licking and snuggling somehow turns into more and, before she new it, things got completely out of hand!

When Ned caught them, he becomes determined to put a stop to it. But things rapidly go from bad to worse, as he finds himself cuckolded on his wedding night!

By his own dog!!!

MALAW HULE: It was the picture. The moment I saw it, the story just popped in my head. BOOM! That groom is way out of his depth with a girl who looks like that…


Feminized by the Ex-Con!

Feminized by the Ex-Con!

They had briefly been cell mates. Marcus was a huge, rough mountain of a man. The kind of guy who had been in and out of institutions most of his adult life. Our hero was a small, slender man who had made a mistake. A stupid mistake that was to put him away for six months.

Unless he was willing to rat on Marcus. The DA was willing to do just about anything to keep the big bad guy locked up, including early release and a clean slate for his snitch.

Six months later, Marcus appears at his door. He’s lost everything because of the extra time he had to serve, and even his best friend has turned on him, shacking up with his woman! The young man let’s him in. Just for one night.

Yeah, right!

So begins his nightmare journey of rough sex and feminization. Is Marcus driven by revenge, or just by desire? And does our unfortunate (or is it fortunate) subject hate it? Or love it?

MALAW HULE I liked Amanda Mann’s forced feminization tale “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister” before she had to tone it down for Amazon. Those bozos at Apple still banned it. I don’t bother with Amazon, and I collect Apple bans like Olympic medals! If you want it rough, I write it rough. Also, never let a former cellmate who’s twice your size stay at your place, ESPECIALLY if you’re going to fall asleep drinking…

Dominated by My Dane 2

Dominated by My Dane 2

Jeanette was now the private plaything of her massive Great Dane, Duke. But her submission was not the end of their story, just a beginning. There is so much more in store for this beautiful woman that everyone takes for a bimbo. She loves her dog very much, but there’s only so much a girl can take. Or is there…?

Malaw Hule: I liked the first one and always planned to do more. There’s a lot you can do with the dynamics and the unusual situation.

Editor’s note: The first one is our best seller at Smashwords! Fans of the first one will not be disappointed!

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins (Taboo, Multiples, Stuffing)

Seducing My Big Brother and the Twins.jpg

It’s the final book in the steamy, incestuous Seducing My Brothers series!!!

It’s all about to explode!

Big brother Joey is back, but he no longer wants to have anything to do with Marie. And the twins have turned their back on her as well. She’s gone from sex several times a day for weeks, to nothing at all, and she’s frustrated. Things get so bad that she tries to reconcile with the boyfriend who cheated on her while they were both away at college!

Enough is enough! Marie decides to take action and stuffs herself into a bikini that is way too small to conceal her ample goods, and teases her three older brothers until they can’t take any more.

But Joey has a surprise up his sleeve. He thinks that Marie needs to be punished, for revealing their affair to the twins. Will she submit???

(Of course. And it’s hot as hell!)

WARNING: This book explores adult themes between consenting adults including rough sex, corporal punishment and female edging. All characters are over 18 years of age.

MALAW HULE: I really wanted to take the story to the next level with this one. Marie seduced her big brother in the first, and tricked the twins in the second. So it only seemed right that they should turn the tables on her in this one. I toy with themes of denial, frustration, punishment and some interesting 3 on 1 combinations. In the end, everyone should have a real good down and dirty time!

Seducing My Big Twin Brothers

Seducing My Big Twin Bothers

The sequel to her brother/sister incest hit “Seducing My Big Brother”

She had been loving her older brother for a couple of weeks now. But it was harder, now that the twins were home, too. Worse, Joey had to go away for two weeks. What was she to do? Seduce them, too?


Of course!

MALAW HULE: While it is a follow-up to the events of the first one, they are both standalone tales. With Joey temporarily out of the picture (after some hot sex, of course), I liked the dynamic of having to deal with jerky twins. Who are also pretty hot!

Mistress of the Hound

Mistress of the Hound

When Beverly moved to the country from the big city, she adopted a pup. When he matures, his rambunctious nature prompts her to take him to the vet. Her recommendation, get him laid, or get him fixed. She finds him a bitch to mate with, and that triggers feelings of her own for the company of a man.

Things don’t go as planned, though, and one dark night her new guy tries to take what she isn’t willing to give. Her faithful canine companion comes to her rescue, and Beverly rewards him by presenting herself to her new, furry lover.

MALAW HULE: People write and read werewolf stories (and all the other “were” animals) as a way to hide they’re writing/reading bestiality fiction. I think that’s silly. You want to have a story, have THE story. Don’t hide it. This isn’t an instruction manual. It’s fantasy. My first book, and I think it’s pretty good.


Pregnant Plaything for the Gang Next Door

Pregnant Plaything for the Gang Next Door!

Right after Brandine’s husband had left on a week-long business trip out-of-state, new neighbors moved in across the street. Several loud, noisy members of a Latino street gang. She needed sleep — after all, she was seven months pregnant — but they were raising such a ruckus that she couldn’t get any. She decided that diplomacy was best, and brought them a welcome to the neighborhood offering of a plate of cookies.

What was she thinking?

Once inside, she realized the whole think was a mistake. The young men were pigs and brutes. The leader molested her, and told her that he wanted to take her right there! In fact, they all would. Hard! And rough!

Yes, it was a mistake.

So why was she considering the offer…?

MALAW HULE: So many write black male/white female interracial erotica. I wanted to do something different. Anita had told me of living in a house in her early twenties. Some guys moved in the house across the street and started selling drugs. I asked her if she was scared, and she said “No. They were pretty hot.”  Ha! That was my inspiration.