My Wife Turned Me 3: Sister’s Dark Revelation

My Wife Turned Me 3 Sister's Dark Revelation

(Also available as part of a 3-story bundle)

Now that Chris has become Christina at his wife’s request, she begins to feel more and more like a woman every day. But she longs for things like real breasts…

Her wife-turned-sister still has a dark revelation for her, and Emma’s boss wants to pimp Christina out, in exchange for hormone treatments.

And that’s all before Christina shows up at the rich man’s house. A man with a minor bondage, and a major fisting fetish…


AMANDA MANN: My third go-around with Christina. We’ve already discovered she has a taste for the rougher, naughtier things. She’s also beginning to desire a more feminine body to go with her mindset. And then there’s her “sister’s” boss. So much going on.

I had been getting a lot of heat from other distributors, so I wrote the story as I always do, and that’s what’s on Smashwords (and anywhere you see “sister”). I changed about half of the familial references and other minor bits for Amazon. I changed the other half for just about anywhere else. No one is family. No one is underage, but these A******’s keep treating my stories as if they are. Tired of getting banned over sexual fantasies. Anyway, that’s one of the reasons we like Smashwords so much.

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