Rough Bred By My Daddy!

Rough Bred By My Daddy!

She has daddy issues. Oh boy, does she ever have daddy issues! After a particularly nasty fight with her mother, she plots a sexual revenge that will put her mother in her place forever. First, she’ll seduce her mother’s current boyfriend.

And, when she’s done with him, she’ll set her sights on Daddy!

MALAW HULE I was thinking how much fun it was writing something really taboo, like the Seducing My Big Brothers Trilogy, and this came to mind. I wanted to combine obvious daddy issues and the desire for rough sex and even revenge, but all motivated by the girl. Too many stories from the guy’s perspective. They don’t speak to me.



Pregnant Plaything for the Gang Next Door

Pregnant Plaything for the Gang Next Door!

Right after Brandine’s husband had left on a week-long business trip out-of-state, new neighbors moved in across the street. Several loud, noisy members of a Latino street gang. She needed sleep — after all, she was seven months pregnant — but they were raising such a ruckus that she couldn’t get any. She decided that diplomacy was best, and brought them a welcome to the neighborhood offering of a plate of cookies.

What was she thinking?

Once inside, she realized the whole think was a mistake. The young men were pigs and brutes. The leader molested her, and told her that he wanted to take her right there! In fact, they all would. Hard! And rough!

Yes, it was a mistake.

So why was she considering the offer…?

MALAW HULE: So many write black male/white female interracial erotica. I wanted to do something different. Anita had told me of living in a house in her early twenties. Some guys moved in the house across the street and started selling drugs. I asked her if she was scared, and she said “No. They were pretty hot.”  Ha! That was my inspiration.