Star Lust: Trilogy


She lived on a desert world, just another planet among the hundreds in the known universe. By the age of twenty, she still hadn’t known the touch of a man. Her mother had warned her to stay away from them. All of them. But Bae hadn’t seen her mom in five years. She longed for adventure, rather than living out her life, breaking her back daily for a meager existence. That’s when HE dropped into her life.

Stabler was a bit of a rogue. A pirate, actually. Wanted by the law on a lawless planet.

It was fate that brought them together that day. Well, with a little help from Stabler’s faithful sidekick… But it would be a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens, that kept them together. That, and intense burning passion!

SYNDY LIGHT: This was, indeed, inspired by the interracial dynamic of the new Star Wars film, but it quickly veered away into its own story once I got into writing it. The books are semi-linear. I chose to move around a couple of sequences to give each book more of a theme. Book 1 is about virginity and realizing her power. Book 2 is about about growth and backdoor loving. Book 3 is about acceptance of power and all-out sex and action! I think the tentacle-style scene with the Worldtree, the Grand Boom, is one of the more intriguing things I’ve ever written.

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Star Lust 3 – Happiest Endings

Star Lust 3 - Happiest Endings safe version

Bae had been awakened to a universe of adventure. Pirates and villains, treasure, space battles and alien creatures. She had been pushed to the edge. Now it was time to step over it!

Her and her lover finally close in on the treasure they seek, but an ancient spirit controls all life on the planet and he demands a most personal offering. Help may be on the way, but so is the enemy. Will Bae make this ultimate sacrifice?

This once lonely little desert waif’s adventure is barreling towards it’s final showdown.

And what a crazy ride it’s been!

ANITA BLACKMANN: As I mentioned in the post for book 1, one of the things the delay gave me was the opportunity to add more alien creatures. I had a whole imaginary galaxy to work with, and it seemed strange to limit it to just black male on white female sex. I’m very proud of the scene with the tree. Sort of Treebeard + Groot + Evil Dead (but without the horror part…)! The epic definitely ends with a bang!


Star Lust 2 – Edge of Desire

Star Lust 2 - Edge of Desire safe version

Until recently, she had been a 20 year old peasant girl on a desert world. But Bae has been thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

And deep inside of her things have been awakened. Not just her femininity, but powers. Strong ones. There’s a whole big universe of possibilities out there for a woman strong enough and bold enough to go all out.

And Bae is just that kind of woman!

ANITA BLACKMANN: Things kick into high gear, as Bae takes on a blue, four-breasted alien woman in her first lesbian experience! And Stabler can’t seem to keep his hands of the young girl’s ass…


Star Lust 1 – Awakenings

Star Lust 1 - Awakenings safe version

She had lived on one of the outer rim worlds for twenty years. A desert planet full of those who wished to avoid others. Especially the law.

It had been five years since she had last seen her mother. “Don’t trust men,” she had frequently told her. When young Bae pressed for which ones she should avoid, her mother always replied “All of them.”

But her attitude changed abruptly when the handsome black stranger came into her life, pursued by military agents of the Illuminato — a powerful group of psychics who ruled the known universe.

Bae suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

But first, there’s this burning passion to deal with…

ANITA BLACKMANN: This one has a long history. I first wrote it as a sort of fan fiction to the new Star Wars. As I was watching it for the first time, I noticed a great deal of heat between the young white girl and the young black man. Smashwords took it down in a panic, fearing lawsuits. I understood.

I knew the sex scenes were too good to lose, so I started thinking about a new story. Before I knew it, I was working out a trilogy! When the first one was done, I published it to Amazon as a presale. The idea is that I would publish one each Wednesday, with the final one coming out May the Fourth (Be With You), as a little inside joke. After nearly a week and no pre-orders, I discovered that they had removed it from their searches because the cover was too dirty. You can actually see it in a posting below. She’s fully dressed. The screw-up cost me the ability to do presales for a whole year.

But now they are all done. The extra time gave me a chance to strengthen the story and explore some alien loving in the second and third books. But first things first, it’s time for young Bae to get rid of that pesky virginity that she’s been carrying around far too long…


Star Force: Awakenings

EDITOR’S NOTE: On the advice of the ebook seller, Smashwords, we are unpublishing this title, for legal reasons. Mostly, that we don’t want to be sued. We are discussing a number of options, and will update you with what we decide.

Star Force Awakenings

What did the young woman know of the evil government or of the Resistance to bring it down? She was alone and lonely on a barren, desert world. That was the problem with planets on the outer rim — nothing but scum and villains.

Fantasizing about the possibilities that seemed beyond her reach, she suddenly finds herself thrust into the middle of it all! A lost robot on a mission, a handsome young black man on the lam, and a whole intergalactic army on their tail as they fly through space at the speed of light. Adrenaline courses through their veins. Their senses heighten. A force they can’t explain draws them together in a passionate embrace.

A whole universe of possibilities opens before them! But first, there is a fiery passion that needs quenching…

Anita Blackmann It’s getting to the point that, when I watch a movie or TV show, I can’t stop thinking about where I would be able to stick in a sex scene! I recently saw a hit movie and the two leads seriously looked like they wanted to bone one another right then and there, but it wasn’t that kind of movie. Well, in my book it is! Think of these as 3 very naughty, deleted sex scenes, and enjoy!

Bigfoot and the Co-Eds 2: BIGFEET

Bigfoot 2

(Also available as part of a multi-story bundle)

Having spent the weekend in the woods, making love to each other and being taken by Bigfoot, the girls return to their dorm life to find everything has changed. They keep upping the sexual stakes, including taking a tall black woman as their mutual lover, but they find it harder and harder to become satisfied. And they crave sex more than ever!

They decide another trip into the deep woods is in order, but once there, they meet a second, larger and angrier Bigfoot!

Their first lover arrives to save the day, but our heroine finds herself craving a Bigfoot sandwich…

With herself as the meat!!!

BESS STEELE: I wrote this one purely out of love of the characters. The sales from the first one hadn’t justified it, but I couldn’t help myself. I think that’s what makes is so good. At least, I like it! Maybe that’s what made the series such a joy to write. There’s a second Bigfoot in this one. Bigger, scarier. Sort of throws the girls for a loop. I also introduced the theme of “Once you go Bigfoot…” One note: It turns out that the plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot. Kinda dull. I like mine better!

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Bigfoot and the Co-eds

Bigfoot 1 New COVER

(Also available as part of a bundle)

A young college coed and her roommate desire to get away from the immature boys back at the dorm.

Their passionate love-making has attracted something.

Something big.

Something scary.

And now they are alone.



And at the mercy of a very, very horny Bigfoot.

Will they submit?

BESS STEELE My first book! I think it came out really well, too. Never a big seller on Amazon, but I wrote a sequel anyway because I liked the Coeds so much! Then, they both became such hits on Smashwords, that I finally got to do a third one to tie it all together. The one thing this has above the others is the thrill of meeting Bigfoot for the first time, before the pussy tamed him!

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Quantum Lust: Beverly Hills Trophy Wife Taken By Cavemen

Quantum Lust 1

Debbie was the hot, beautiful young trophy wife of a wealthy and somewhat eccentric scientist and inventor. One day, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she finds her consciousness transported back through time, and into the body of a sexy cave woman. There’s a catch, though. The consciousness of Grok the cave woman is still in there, too.

Her husband can only communicate with her via sound, and only for limited amounts of time, as he struggles to return her to her own time and body. Can she keep the lustful Grok in check? Or will the young cave woman’s wanton desire for a Neanderthal gangbang win out?

BESS STEELE: This was inspired by the show “Quantum Leap,” in case you couldn’t tell. I liked the idea of being able to put your consciousness into someone else’s body. But I thought it would be more interesting if the other consciousness was still in there, and you had to fight to be the dominant one. Especially where sex is involved. Amazon banned this immediately, and others have banned it since. Yes, it is rough, but not without purpose. “Pillowing the Queen” was a light spin-off, but I anticipate writing another episode of this saga soon.