Feminized by the Ex-Con!


Never trust an author. They lie by profession and call it fiction. I also probably shouldn’t have opened that door that day. It was my old cell mate, Marcus. I had spent a few days in jail several months back. Having opened the door, I probably shouldn’t have let him in.

But I did.

Big mistake! He had been wronged and someone had to pay. He lost his woman over it all and decided that I needed to replace her! And he was none too gentle about it.

Peek inside! This tale contains rough feminization, behavior, and submission. But if you read through it all the way to the end, you’ll find more than enough twists and turns to satisfy your effort.

SYNDY LIGHT: Amazon has a lot of rules about erotica, very few of which they let you know ahead of time. This was originally written specifically for Smashwords, since they only have two rules: No pedophilia and no stories that are just about rape. Honestly, we can live with that. No problem. However, the Zon is a much bigger market, so we decided to adapt a few stories for them. In the case of this one, it was a matter of writing a new prologue and epilogue. Very little was changed in between. If you want a hotter, rougher story, just skip those two. On a side note, someone reviewed it on Amazon, saying they really liked it but were upset that it was part of a series. This was not intended as a series. Now, though, I am thinking about writing another. Thanks, mean reviewer. I guess I’ll get the last laugh.



Tumble in the Jungle: An Interracial Cuckold Adventure


She was the wife of an English Lord, a proper Lady. He was a tribesman of the Congo, charged with leading her husband’s safari through the nearly impenetrable jungle. The trip was meant to prove his Lordship’s manhood, but it was having the opposite effect. Day after day, her love for him waned just a bit more and her admiration for the tall, powerfully muscled African grew. It would all come to head one hot, sleepless night, in an explosion of passion. But, with such tight quarters, their secret was one that couldn’t be kept for long…

ANITA BLACKMANN: Before the invention of boobs on my body, I was something of a tomboy and I loved reading adventure novels, particularly those of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan. This is my very naughty homage to them.

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Black Owned Couple 7 – White Couple Enslaved

Black Owned Couple 7

The seventh installment in Anita Blackmann’s Black Owned Couple saga, bringing the tale full-circle before sending it forward at breakneck speed!

Teri, the hot young housewife had fallen for her handsome black neighbor, subjugating herself to him AND his beautiful wife. And all this time, she blamed herself for cheating on her husband. How was she to know that her husband had fallen under Martel’s spell weeks earlier, and that the two of them had been playing her!

Now Martel has decided to bring the couple together. Dewey thinks this has been the plan all along, but their Master is about to drop a huge bomb on them both! Sure, suburbia looks quiet and respectable, but it’s time to pull back the facade and expose the naughtiness that lies beneath!

ANITA BLACKMANN I first started writing this last September, after part 6. I got frustrated by the lack of response to both that and part 5 (Which I considered the best of the series until now.). It turns out Amazon hid those two titles from all searches because they considered the covers too dirty! Sadly, they don’t tell you when they do this, so I figured the series was done. Flash forward to March of this year. I found out about the ban, changed the covers and suddenly people can see them and were actually buying. I’m glad, because I didn’t really want to leave the saga hanging.

The new story starts right where the first one did, but instead of flashing back to how it all started, it moves forward. I felt it was time to bring everyone together and see how it played out. I had some ideas for parts 8 & 9, but I’ve brought the finale of 9 forward. I won’t tell you what it is, but I think it’s pretty cool and it changes the dynamics of the relationships and really cranks up the heat!

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Sinful Delights: Three Sensual Menage Tales

Sinful Delights KINDLE

A threesome of hot, sensual romantic menage erotica from Syndy Light, together in one box set.

You get:
Banged by That Old Gang of Mine (The Summer Before College)
Stuff the Pilgrim!
Taking Frankenstein

Three boys — Tom, Andy and Nick — and a girl named Alex, all grew up on the same cul-de-sac, on the outskirts of town, and are thick as thieves. During the summer between school and college, the freshly turned 18 foursome decide on one last hurrah!

And it all comes down to one fateful night, at the exclusive estate belonging to Tom’s Uncle Phil. Alex, who had always dated other guys, because she couldn’t pick between the three she loved most, suddenly realizes she has wasted a lot of time.

Now, despite never having been with a man, she wants to change all of that.

With all three young men in one night.

At the same time.

Who says interracial erotica has to always be black and white? In 1621, theirs was a most forbidden love!

Prudence, widowed on the long voyage to the New World, finds herself lusting for the native who is helping her people survive their first year. One day she follows him down to the river and watches him bathe. She can hold off her feelings no longer…

Later, he will return with two others on the eve of their new autumn festival. As the title says, forget the turkey. These three are about to stuff themselves a beautiful Puritan woman!

Victoria Franks was really Victoria Frankenstein, and during her third year of medical school, she discovered that her infamous forefather’s creature was real, and might still be frozen in an ice flow, deep inside a Transylvania cave!

With the help of her cousin, Wilhelm the two of them locate and attempt to free the creature, in order to revive him. After a near-death experience the erstwhile doctor and her handsome cousin make love, but soon he becomes jealous of the attention she is paying to the rapidly thawing creature, and storms out.

Speaking of storms, Victoria is left alone with the creature. When she revives him, he is filled with raw, animal lust. And only has eye’s for his creator’s distant decedent!!! Will cousin Wilhelm return? And if he does, will he help her escape? Or just join in?

SYNDY LIGHT: I just wanted to give something back to the fans, so we compiled this collection from three of my earlier menage tales. If you want it really raw and unexpurgated, I suggest grabbing it from Smashwords. The first story only has a name change at Amazon, but the third one is quite different in tone, due to Amazon’s restrictions. There, Wilhelm is an ex-fiance. At Smashwords he’s her first cousin. As for the tale in the middle, I’m proud of writing an interracial tale that’s not BMWF.

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Breaking Black

Breaking Black

Hillary was the founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 company that she had built from the ground up. She was very powerful indeed. But beneath the facade of being having everything she wanted, there lurked deep, dark desires. To go to seedy places and be taken by rough characters. To submit completely to their will. To be used. Downgrading her wardrobe and leaving behind most of the luxuries of modern society — cell phone, credit cards, and the like — she boards the first bus across country that she can find.

DeShawn was a young black man of the streets. An aspiring musician and part-time drug dealer. He had a fetish, too. He liked to expose himself in public places, record it, and put it on his social media site. Riding the bus cross country to party with his crew, he’s working on his latest video when he spots Hillary watching him from behind. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he motions for her to come over.

Their worlds are about to clash head on, and things are about to heat up!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I was thinking about the sorts of things we do, strictly for the sake of appearances. What if it appeared that you had everything, but the one thing you didn’t, you obsessed over until you just couldn’t help yourself. And what if there was someone you met who — while seeming to help you with your fantasy fulfillment — really had their own agenda.


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White Wedding, Blacked Bride II

White Wedding, Blacked Bride II SMASHWORDS

Our white bride had given up her virginity to three large, black janitors in the teacher’s lounge of the church’s school. Now, realizing she has still another hour and fifteen minutes to go before the service, she requests another round.

This time, harder!

But there’s a new element. Her best friend, and maid of honor, has stumbled across the lusty foursome, and wants to join in!

She made it to the church on time, but will she make it to the service? Or will this five-way prove too much distraction?

ANITA BLACKMANN: The end of the first one was meant to be the end and not a cliffhanger. She set out to lose her virginity in spectacular fashion, and she did. But it sure worked out well for a follow-up, didn’t it? Adding Jane to the mix was a natural. There was no way she could be gone for forty minutes without SOMEONE looking for her.

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My Wife Turned Me 2: Sister’s Dark Turn

My Wife Turned Me 2  - Sister's Dark Turn

Also known as  “My Wife Turned Me 2: Girlfriend’s Dark Turn”

It had been less than a day since Emma asked her husband Chris to become her sister, Christina. And she couldn’t be happier.

But now that she is living her life as a woman, she is finding herself fantasizing about rougher things. Raunchier things.

Rough men, and lots of them. All at once.

And Emma is right there to help her new sister make her fantasies come true…

AMANDA MANN: I really liked writing this one. I particularly liked writing the (SPOILER) gangbang. I like the sisterly dynamic, and what it adds to the story. I got a lot of heat from various stores, and so it’s harder to find than the previous.

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Black Owned Couple 5: Black Master, White Wife

Teri, a hot but prudish white suburban housewife, suddenly finds herself lusting for her big, black neighbor, against her better judgement.

Little does she know, it’s part of a conspiracy on the part of her husband, who is a sexual slave to that very same man!

Their manipulations have been building, and Teri is about to burst!

SYNDY LIGHT: I think this is one of the best stories I’ve written yet. Seriously hot as hell. What Teri is put through leading up to her fall from grace is palpable. Even though I wrote it, it drives me wild when I have to go back and read it, which I’ve done three or four times now. The first person to reach out to me on Twitter called it my best, too, and encouraged me to write more.

Funny (as in “stupid”) story behind the scenes. You can’t buy this story as a standalone in several countries from Amazon. And it got banned from Apple, too. Why? Because the girl on the cover is tied up.

Only she’s not. Look at the first pic closely. She may have some sort of rope garment around her, but she is not tied up. I got around a few of the places by having a second cover made, by combining half of BOC3, and half of Bess Steele’s “Taken for Payment.” (Which is seriously hot, by the way.) So, I believe Apple now carries it, but I’m not ready to trade solid sales all over the world, just to appease Apple Germany.

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My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister

Also known as: My Wife Turned Me Into Her Special Girlfriend (No content change)

After seeing the wife he adores being taken by a large black man in a public restroom, Chris thinks his marriage is over. But then Emma gives him an alternative — live as a woman, and they can continue to be in each others’ lives.

He’s not sure, but he doesn’t want to lose her. He loves her so much that he reluctantly agrees.

So begins his new phase of life.

As his wife’s sister….

AMANDA MANN: Anita and I were looking through some pictures for covers one day, and I saw this one. She thought they looked like sisters. I said the one on right looked like she might have been her brother, and got changed into her sister — that’s why she looks a little unhappy. Anita said “Oh my God, you have to write that!” And so I did. Except by the time I sat down to write a few minutes later, he became her husband and a cuckold instead. It was my first fast-seller and has inspired two sequels, so far. I should note, that part 3 has some edits on Amazon and elsewhere. I was starting to get heat for “familial and incest themes,” DESPITE NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEING RELATED!!!

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White Wedding, Blacked Bride III: Blacked Reception

White Wedding, Blacked Bride III - Blacked Reception

Our heroine had gone from a 23 year-old virgin, to a BBC addict, after being ganged by three hot black janitors, at the church where she was to be wed. He best friend, and maid of honor, had even joined her for round two. But now she is wed to the man that her parents arranged for her, and trying to make the best of is. And so far, she is succeeding.

That is, until she realizes the 6 main waitstaff is all African-American, and she feels her loins heating up once again.

It’s her best friend, Jane to the rescue! Under the guise of a major wedding dress wardrobe malfunction, she whisks our bride back to the very room she had been in earlier. And there, standing naked in the middle of that room, are three of the hot waiters. She knows that they are, because she can see their uniforms piled on a nearby table. They are naked, and they are ready.

And everything is going along swimmingly. The first wave switches with a second, and even one of the kitchen staff takes a shot at our hot duo. Multiple positions, and multiple penetrations. The pleasures are overwhelming.

And that is when her sweet, innocent 18 year old sister shows up!

What happens next may shock you. It will definitely titillate you.

ANITA BLACKMANN: I’ve had so much fun with the Bride. But all good things must come to an end. Of course, you want to out with a bang. So I thought it would be fun to include the Bride’s sister this time. Where you buy it from will determine how dirty the sister’s involvement gets. Sorry, but most sites have some crazy strict rules. SPOILER AHEAD

On Smashwords, sister Mary is 18 and gets nasty with the bride. On Amazon (and anywhere you don’t see “uncut and unedited”) she’s 20 and gets nasty with Jane, the bride’s best friend. Smashwords sells Kindle files, so if you like your erotica hot and nasty, I would say go there!

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