The 50 Year-Old New Gurl: A Transgender Tale (Feminization)

The 50 Year Old New Gurl

Todd has never had a night like this in all his fifty years on the planet. He meets a young woman by accident and is instantly smitten. He brings her back to the club where his friends are, only to find them making fun of her, calling her a “tranny.”

For the first time in his life, Todd feels that everything is just right and he’s not ready to give it up. He leaves his friends in hot pursuit, catching up with her and going back to her place. One thing leads to another: A night of passion like he has ever known and a makeover that will turn his whole world on its ear!

AMANDA MANN I’ve been wanting to do another transgender title for quite a while. In fact, I have three others started, with a fourth mulling around in my brain. For this one, I wanted to write something for the fans who have reached out to me. A lot of them feel they are “to old” for their dream to come through. I don’t happen to believe that. This story is about what a lot of great stories are about: An opportunity that seems to come out of nowhere and a hero(ine) who seizes the chance. I hope you enjoy it.


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Sinful Delights: Three Sensual Menage Tales

Sinful Delights KINDLE

A threesome of hot, sensual romantic menage erotica from Syndy Light, together in one box set.

You get:
Banged by That Old Gang of Mine (The Summer Before College)
Stuff the Pilgrim!
Taking Frankenstein

Three boys — Tom, Andy and Nick — and a girl named Alex, all grew up on the same cul-de-sac, on the outskirts of town, and are thick as thieves. During the summer between school and college, the freshly turned 18 foursome decide on one last hurrah!

And it all comes down to one fateful night, at the exclusive estate belonging to Tom’s Uncle Phil. Alex, who had always dated other guys, because she couldn’t pick between the three she loved most, suddenly realizes she has wasted a lot of time.

Now, despite never having been with a man, she wants to change all of that.

With all three young men in one night.

At the same time.

Who says interracial erotica has to always be black and white? In 1621, theirs was a most forbidden love!

Prudence, widowed on the long voyage to the New World, finds herself lusting for the native who is helping her people survive their first year. One day she follows him down to the river and watches him bathe. She can hold off her feelings no longer…

Later, he will return with two others on the eve of their new autumn festival. As the title says, forget the turkey. These three are about to stuff themselves a beautiful Puritan woman!

Victoria Franks was really Victoria Frankenstein, and during her third year of medical school, she discovered that her infamous forefather’s creature was real, and might still be frozen in an ice flow, deep inside a Transylvania cave!

With the help of her cousin, Wilhelm the two of them locate and attempt to free the creature, in order to revive him. After a near-death experience the erstwhile doctor and her handsome cousin make love, but soon he becomes jealous of the attention she is paying to the rapidly thawing creature, and storms out.

Speaking of storms, Victoria is left alone with the creature. When she revives him, he is filled with raw, animal lust. And only has eye’s for his creator’s distant decedent!!! Will cousin Wilhelm return? And if he does, will he help her escape? Or just join in?

SYNDY LIGHT: I just wanted to give something back to the fans, so we compiled this collection from three of my earlier menage tales. If you want it really raw and unexpurgated, I suggest grabbing it from Smashwords. The first story only has a name change at Amazon, but the third one is quite different in tone, due to Amazon’s restrictions. There, Wilhelm is an ex-fiance. At Smashwords he’s her first cousin. As for the tale in the middle, I’m proud of writing an interracial tale that’s not BMWF.

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BWO – Black Owned Family: Taking the Daughter

BWO Black Owned Family 1-Taking the Daughter v3

He followed her. Studied her. Watched her every move. He knew her better than she knew herself. And then he met her. Insinuated himself into her life. Made her want him. Need him. That’s when he turned her life upside down! Hana’s chaste world is about to rapidly devolve into one of sexual submission, masochism and perversion. And she’s never craved anything more in her life!

The New Black World Order (or Black New World Order) is still underground, but growing stronger every year. Anita takes a trip to the dark side with this tale of a young, pure woman of strong, liberal upbringing, but with a conservative mindset when it comes to her own sexuality.

She has a long-time boyfriend — the captain of the football team, in fact — but lately she’s garnered the friendship of a tall, handsome-but-kinda-goofy immigrant boy from a strife-torn part of Africa. Or so everyone assumes. But Ade isn’t what he seems. And he’s not who he says he is. He has designs on not only Hana, but others in her family as well. Lurid designs. Life-changing designs.

It all comes down to one fateful night. He invites her into his home under the pretense of needing help with his English. From there, things take a rapid turn into domination, masochism and perversion. If Hana submits, her whole world will be turned upside-down!
ANITA BLACKMANN: Darker than my usual fare. The fact that it’s an entire family dominating the barely-legal, high school cheerleader virgin… That will keep it off of Amazon.

It’s also my longest story to date. It’s written in an older style than I do these days, since I wrote it back in October of last year. I did tighten it up, though. It reads well. And what happens is seriously hot.

Smashwords has Kindle, Nook, iBook, Palm and Sony formats, plus an online reader, so don’t worry about it not being at places like Amazon and iTunes. You’re covered.


Star Lust 2 – Edge of Desire

Star Lust 2 - Edge of Desire safe version

Until recently, she had been a 20 year old peasant girl on a desert world. But Bae has been thrust into the middle of a grand adventure, filled with pirates, evil villains, space battles, robots, buried treasure and aliens. Everything a gal could hope for.

And deep inside of her things have been awakened. Not just her femininity, but powers. Strong ones. There’s a whole big universe of possibilities out there for a woman strong enough and bold enough to go all out.

And Bae is just that kind of woman!

ANITA BLACKMANN: Things kick into high gear, as Bae takes on a blue, four-breasted alien woman in her first lesbian experience! And Stabler can’t seem to keep his hands of the young girl’s ass…


Feminized by the Ex-Con!

Feminized by the Ex-Con!

They had briefly been cell mates. Marcus was a huge, rough mountain of a man. The kind of guy who had been in and out of institutions most of his adult life. Our hero was a small, slender man who had made a mistake. A stupid mistake that was to put him away for six months.

Unless he was willing to rat on Marcus. The DA was willing to do just about anything to keep the big bad guy locked up, including early release and a clean slate for his snitch.

Six months later, Marcus appears at his door. He’s lost everything because of the extra time he had to serve, and even his best friend has turned on him, shacking up with his woman! The young man let’s him in. Just for one night.

Yeah, right!

So begins his nightmare journey of rough sex and feminization. Is Marcus driven by revenge, or just by desire? And does our unfortunate (or is it fortunate) subject hate it? Or love it?

MALAW HULE I liked Amanda Mann’s forced feminization tale “My Wife Turned Me Into Her Sister” before she had to tone it down for Amazon. Those bozos at Apple still banned it. I don’t bother with Amazon, and I collect Apple bans like Olympic medals! If you want it rough, I write it rough. Also, never let a former cellmate who’s twice your size stay at your place, ESPECIALLY if you’re going to fall asleep drinking…

My Summer Story

My Summer Story

Coming out in the summer of ’63 was hard. So very hard. And living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else, it was basically impossible. You couldn’t tell anyone. Not your family. And not even your best friend.

No matter how much you loved him.

I had known there was something different about me for a very long time. But the things my father said about men who loved men terrified me. When a gay couple had been arrested for simply making out in an alley one town over, he called them “perverts” and said that people like them should be locked up.

I tried to fit in. I tried to ride it out, hoping it was just a phase. I had a girlfriend — three years and counting — and she was eager for us to get married and have children, and to do all the things that that entailed. We weren’t kids anymore. We had our whole adult lives ahead of us.

Lord help me, I did try to fit in.

But there was that hot summer. My best friend and I had been inseparable since before I could remember and that night was no different. Unable to sleep because of the oppressive heat, we snuck into a public pool to swim. I swear, skinny dipping was not my idea.

Love was right there in front of me, but small town America in 1963 was a very different place.

My mind raced. I knew I mustn’t, but how could I resist?

AMANDA MANN I was nearing the end of “Becoming Lily,” when I realized I had never done a gay story with the same sort of tone as “Caught by My Roommate’s Boyfriend” and “I Was Turned at the Costume Party.” Next thing I knew I had this story in my head and just had to write it down. It’s sweet, hopeful and contains some great, hot sex! What more could you ask for?


Dominated by My Dane 2

Dominated by My Dane 2

Jeanette was now the private plaything of her massive Great Dane, Duke. But her submission was not the end of their story, just a beginning. There is so much more in store for this beautiful woman that everyone takes for a bimbo. She loves her dog very much, but there’s only so much a girl can take. Or is there…?

Malaw Hule: I liked the first one and always planned to do more. There’s a lot you can do with the dynamics and the unusual situation.

Editor’s note: The first one is our best seller at Smashwords! Fans of the first one will not be disappointed!

Black Owned Couple, Books 1-3: White Husband’s Descent

BOC bundle 1.2

The first three books in Syndy Light’s sexually charged saga of an average, suburban white couple that falls under the will of their black neighbor. His wife, Teri, thinks their sexual enslavement is all her fault, but by backtracking, we see it’s actually his! And she was but a pawn…

His wife was out of town, so what harm could a quick trip to a distant adult bookstore video arcade cause? That was until Dewey spotted the well-endowed black man through the glory hole. The poor white husband seems powerless to resist.

Dewey, home from his outing, pleasures himself over memories of just how hot things got. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. It’s the man from the arcade! Has he followed him home? No, it’s worse. He’s his neighbor! “You gonna fucking let me in, you little bitch?” the black man growls…….Of course, he is.

Having submitted to him orally, and agreeing to be his sex slave, Dewey finally goes into the lion’s den–His Master’s house! There, he prepares to surrender to him the one hole that has so far remained untouched…

SYNDY LIGHT: Honestly, if you’re interested, but haven’t read any of the series, I would start with the 2nd bundle, then read this one as the giant flashback that it is. I actually thought about releasing them that way originally, and in hindsight I wish I had.

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Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss

Cuckold by My Black Billionaire Boss corrected version

(Also available as part of a bundle)

Angela was in a dead-end marriage. Her husband teased her mercilessly about her weight gain, while ignoring his own. When he asks her to speak with his new boss at a company picnic, the man — a young, handsome, enigmatic African-American billionaire — instead offers HER a job, replacing his personal assistant who is moving to the other side of the world.

She takes it, against the wishes of her loser husband, and quickly finds herself in a world of beautiful clothes, expensive cars, fine restaurants, world travel, and VIP treatment everywhere. She soon finds herself falling for the man at the center of it all. He’s all for it, except he insists that she first tell her husband — his employee — that she is taking his boss as her lover.

That’s when her new life begins.

ANITA BLACKMANN: Another early one. Great cover! My cuckolding tales were more romantic then. I like the power-affirming angle, too. The unexpected lesbian scene doesn’t hurt, either! It was written as a standalone, something that Black Billionaire’s Club wasn’t, but I wouldn’t mind doing a follow-up. Angela’s husband deserves some badness to happen to him, ala my more recent style.

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Amazon  3 story bundle on Amazon

Dark Curves: An Interracial BBW-Biker Romance

Dark Curves Cover

(available as part of a 3 story bundle)

The first person tale of a young, beautiful wife who is tormented by her lout of an uncaring husband, until one day he does it in front of a tall, handsome black biker named Dez.

With no where else to go when her husband runs away, she asks if she can go home with Dez, and so begins her odyssey of sexual awakening.

And intense, interracial sex!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I thought that the pre-sex part was too long, but when I went to edit it down, I realized that I had written a pretty good love story, so go figure! Still, the sex is hot. I might give another shot at a BBW story sometime.

Smashwords 3 story bundle at Smashwords Amazon 3 story bundle on Amazon