First Time Futa 2: Girlfriend (Naughty Futa Girlfriends)


Tricia thought she was going to be spending the weekend at home, chilling with her girlfriend of two years and making sweet, sweet love again and again.

But she was in for a big surprise. Literally!

Her girlfriend had found a Futa High Priestess and, unbeknownst to Tricia, she was now a full-blown futa herself. And a very blessed on at that! Her throbbing passion knew no bounds…

After an incredible intense “breaking in” session, the ladies take to the subway. They have a special game they like to play, where they drive the men wild, then hurry back to their place to work it all off.

But there’s a new twist this time. Elizabeth has that special gift and she puts it to use, right there in front of an unsuspecting crowd.

All of them, except for that one fine MILF. Oh, they both agree, they need to bring that one into the mix!

First Time Futa’s Girlfriend is a wild, exhilarating, and sensual tale, indeed. Take a look inside and you’ll see!

This tale stands on its own. You do not need to read any others that came before it to understand or enjoy it. Although, you will want to read more!

SYNDY LIGHT With this tale, I shifted the story-telling focus to Elizabeth’s girlfriend, Tricia. I like how her shorter stature affects the story, especially when she let’s her dominant side out, later in the tale. The train scene just sort of happened. Originally, they were just going to fool around and Elizabeth was going to surprise her by secretly taking her to the futa high priestess from the first story, but the MILF suddenly became such an intriguing addition that I had to go with it. BTW, she has her own trilogy in Naughty Girlfriends 4-6.

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Breaking Black

Breaking Black

Hillary was the founder and CEO of a Fortune 500 company that she had built from the ground up. She was very powerful indeed. But beneath the facade of being having everything she wanted, there lurked deep, dark desires. To go to seedy places and be taken by rough characters. To submit completely to their will. To be used. Downgrading her wardrobe and leaving behind most of the luxuries of modern society — cell phone, credit cards, and the like — she boards the first bus across country that she can find.

DeShawn was a young black man of the streets. An aspiring musician and part-time drug dealer. He had a fetish, too. He liked to expose himself in public places, record it, and put it on his social media site. Riding the bus cross country to party with his crew, he’s working on his latest video when he spots Hillary watching him from behind. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he motions for her to come over.

Their worlds are about to clash head on, and things are about to heat up!

ANITA BLACKMANN: I was thinking about the sorts of things we do, strictly for the sake of appearances. What if it appeared that you had everything, but the one thing you didn’t, you obsessed over until you just couldn’t help yourself. And what if there was someone you met who — while seeming to help you with your fantasy fulfillment — really had their own agenda.


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Taylor was a fresh-faced young man, new in the big city, and coming off a four-year engagement to a pretty girl back home. He buries himself in work and pick-up basketball, but when he finds out that gay sex happens on a regular basis in the restroom in the center of the park, he finds he can’t stop obsessing about it.

Slowly, but surely, he’s drawn to that concrete den of iniquity. And there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

AMANDA MANN: I’ve always liked the theme of anonymous sex, especially in a public place. Obsession and compulsion play a large part in the story as well. It was my first self-contained story, although I would love to do a follow-up based on the last line of the story.

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Cowboy & Ballers 1: Submitting to Black, One on One

COWBOY 1 vastly improved

Ty was a hunky young, straight white cowboy who’s pickup breaks down in Chicago’s South Side.

Trying to avoid a conflict, he’s surprised to find himself powerless to refuse the lewd requests of a city park basketball player. A tall, well-hung black man with a huge appetite for sexually dominating all things white. He had the young man go down on him right there in the bleachers-right out in the open!

And that’s when the six more young, horny African-American men playing some 3 on 3 took notice…

AMANDA MANN: My first book! I liked that the cowboy, who is usually the alpha, finds that he’s unable to resist the demands of someone else. We were all very green when I wrote this, so please forgive me for leaving it with a cliffhanger. I stopped doing that a couple of stories later. HOWEVER, I think part 2 is actually very hot!

This is also available as part of a 3-story bundle.

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